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Mum (Mom)
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Name: Launi

Age: 22

Location: Northern Virginia

Occupation: jetBlue gate agent

**Favorites **

Hobbies: Photography, dog training, reading

Color: Purple

Food: Tortilla chips and salsa!

Hang-out: My favorite place is home.

Music: Praise and Worship, Country, and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN

Books: I read soooo many different things! Any thing but horror and sci-fi

Movies: All the animated Disney movies...

TV Shows: I don't watch tv

Authors: don't have one favorite

Cartoon Character: Mr. Smee (from Peter Pan lol)

** Digging Deeper **

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Egypt

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My Mom

Greatest Ambition: To have my own home with 5-7 kids and a huge yard for my dogs.

Biggest Achievement: Making it through hell over the last year and living to tell about it! And now having a baby! YAY

Grandest Wish: To get the hell out of my in-laws basement!!

What You Can't Live Without: My puppy... He's a Great Dane and I love him more than anything!! (cept my hubby of course. )

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi there
I am new to this forum. I've just (last year) come out of a long but difficult relationship and moved house to be with a new man who wants (like me) to start a family. At 37 I am starting late but hope I am healthy enough to move on to a new stage of my life soon. I'm taking folic Acid and have come off the pill (mini pill) which I was on for only about 8 months. before that I had a long break from the Pill after about 5 years on Microgynon 30.

Anyway - I live in Cardiff with my two cats (no I'm not some mad old cat lady!) and new man is all but living with me now. I've lived in England and Ireland but have been in Wales since I was 7 so feel mostly Welsh (despite not being born here). I have a brother and a sister, both of whom married recently but apart from my sister's step daughter they both have no children. I work in a music library, love my job...

now going to read back a bit to see if I have done this correctly.

AH-HA! Lol - so I'll do this now

A Little About Me

Name: Donna

Age: 37

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Occupation: Media music librarian

Short Personal Description: am small, dark and smiley

Hobbies: .Erm, Glastonbury festival, music in gebneral, Ireland, friends, nights out and in, sopranos at the moment as I am catching up on the whole series
Big reader, worked in Waterstone's for 7 years but read less these days than I used to. Cycling.

Color: Yellow

Food: Lamb Chops

Hang-out: In or out, with good friends

Music: Bob Dylan, Martha Wainwright, Midlake, Arcade Fire, James Taylor, just lots and lots

Books: Autobiographies, Histories, Good long novels.

Movies: I love a good comedy like Tootsie or Stir Crazy or anything which features any one from SNL but also like a good thriller or drama. Loved 'the Prestige', favourite films are 'deer hunter', 'splendour in the grass' and Withnail and I'.

TV Shows: Scrubs, D Housewives, Sopranos, Charlie Brookers screen wipes, Flight of the Chonchords etc

Authors: Theodore Sturgeon, Salinger, elizabeth mccracken, Kay redfield Jamison - anything really.

Cartoon Character: erm.... I like family Guy and simpsons and southpark.

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Canada

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My dad who is dead now but he was a cool guy, and of course my mum who happily is alive

Greatest Ambition: to be a parent, either to my 'own' or adopting

Biggest Achievement: dunno really - not that ambitious, though I am glad I got the job I have now, and glad I am still close to my very small family!

Grandest Wish: parenthood

What You Can't Live Without: My computer... well, no that's a lie I am sure I could live without it... erm, food?

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Mum (Mom)
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A bit about me!
Name: Vickie


Location: Surrey , UK

Occupation: Nanny ( and love it)

I have known my hubby since I was 9 years old we grew up down the same street we got together when we were 19/20 years old and got marrie 27/05/00 so have been married nearly 7 and half years, started TTC June 04, but not had any luck yet!!

Hobbies: socialising, reading, swimming, PC , Bingo and Movies

Colour: purple and blue

Food: roast dinner

Hang out: @ home , with friends or in here now!!

Music: anything really but I am a big Darren Hayes fan

Books:anything really not horror though I don't like to be frightened

Movies: Titanic, Grease 1 & 2, dirty dancing and Kissed by an angel.

TV shows: Friends The O.C , One tree hill and home and away

Authors: no faves

Cartoon character: Winnie the pooh ( I have met him yay)

Digging Deeper

Country most want to visit: tour of U.S

Most influentail person: Hubby and Sister

Greatest ambition: to have a baby

Biggest achievement: finding true love

Grandest wish: to live a long happy healthy life with hubby and have lots of children

What you can't live without: Hubby and my cat (millie)

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About me

Name: nicki

Age: 22

Location: South london

Occupation: Full time Secretary

Short Personal Description: I live with my partner of 5 years, we have a dog.

Hobbies: The internet, my friends, food at moment lol

Color: Black , brown, beige

Food: carribean food

Hang-out: msn, friends house

Music: rnb, bashment

Movies: horrors, comedys

TV Shows: Eastenders, suppernanny, wife swap.

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Carribean

Most Influential Person in Your Life: Ermmmmmm dont know

Greatest Ambition: To have a good career and own big house and have a healthy big family

Biggest Achievement: own a nice house

Grandest Wish: To never have finnancial worries

What You Can't Live Without : my partner, my belly in my belly

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Mum (Mom)
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A Little About Me

Name: Kerri

Age: 27

Location: Hampshire

Occupation: Unemployment Advisor

Short Personal Description: Have been with my OH for 10 years, living together for the last 6 years and have recently bought our first home and now live with out cute little puddy tat.


Hobbies: reading, socialising, internet

Color: changes all the time currently blue

Food: Good old roast beef with all the trimmings

Hang-out: with friends

Music: quite a wide range

Books: anything by Patricia Cornwell

Movies: classic girlie films like pretty women, dirty dancing etc.

TV Shows: Currently am addicted to the Ghost Whisper

Authors: Patricia Cornwell

Cartoon Character: Tweety pie

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Africa

Most Influential Person in Your Life: my mum

Greatest Ambition: to have a happy, healthy family

Biggest Achievement: overcoming past issues

Grandest Wish: for my family and friends to be happy

What You Can't Live Without : my family (and my laptop!!!!)

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baby angel
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hi there, im lorraine, im from sudbury suffoljk, im 34 years old and 5 wks preg with my first baby angel, im so excited, love to keep in contct.
Originally Posted by Angels_Mummy View Post
A Little About Me

Name: Jenny

Age: 35

Location: Romford, Essex

Occupation: Full time mum

Short Personal Description: Essex Girl - well old bird now lol. Bit of a mother earth kinda girl. Super sensitive, honest, reliable. Married for 15 years with 3 children - Daisy, Alfi and Stanley and 2 angel babies. Currently pregnant - due April'07.


Hobbies: Internet, Cooking, Chasing my children around the park.

Color: Black

Food: Crispy Aromatic Duck - Choc, Choc, Choc.

Hang-out: Anywhere in the house with a duster in hand.

Music: Cold Play, Stereophonics.... Mostly Brit Bands

Books: Dont read so much anymore - fav book Folk of the Faraway Tree - loved it as a kid.

Movies: Comedies - Fav - Life of Brian

TV Shows: Dont watch too much tele - soaps far too depressing. Bit of a BB and reality tv show freak

Authors:My dad tells the best stories eva!!!

Cartoon Character: Betty Boop

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Australia

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My Mum

Greatest Ambition: For those that i love to know exactly that

Biggest Achievement: Bringing up 3 kids to be wonderful human beings, passing my driving test at 33.

Grandest Wish: For my baby to make it thru this pregnancy.

What You Can't Live Without : My Husband, Family and Children..... and choc!!!! im that shallow hehe


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A Little About Me

Name: Vicki

Age: 18

Location: Luton

Occupation: None, wish I had a job

Short Personal Description: I'm deciding whether it's worth finding a job now I'm pregnant, or if anyone would give me one anyway. I didn't plan this pregnancy and we did use protection. That's why I believe this baby is meant to be !


Hobbies: Internet, Friends, Reading.. Loads more.

Color: Pink, Green

Food: Chicken Korma!

Hang-out: Hmm, probably my boyfriends, friends house.

Music: Everything & anything.

Books: Harry Potter lol.

Movies: Hide & Seek, Sixth Sense, Harry Potter, Mean Girls.

TV Shows: Eastenders, Hollyoaks ect.

Authors: None.

Cartoon Character: Eeyore.

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Africa.

Most Influential Person in Your Life: Kitkat.

Greatest Ambition: Be happy.

Biggest Achievement: Hmm, tough question. Telling my Mum I'm pregnant probably.

Grandest Wish: For buba to be okay.

What You Can't Live Without: Bf, Computer, Phone, Mum.

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A Little About Me

Name: Sarah

Age: 18

Location: Wakefield

Occupation: fingers crossed i'll be a sales assistant in a couple of weeks.


Hobbies: baby shopping already lol, reading, watching movies and walking my boyfriends dog is fun when i can be bothered.

Colour: pink or red i cant decide.

Food: chicken mayonnaise sandwiches.

Hang-out: my boyfriends house.

Music: rock, alternative and stuff.

Books: harry potter and how to look good dead is just getting interesting.

Movies: pulp fiction, devil wears prada, resident evil 2 and 3 and keeping mum.

TV Shows: hollyoaks, prison break and the mighty boosh is quite random.

Authors: kathy lette.

Cartoon Character: that guy that tries to shoot bugs bunny, my boyfriend has a tattoo of him on his arm and he hates it.

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Australia.

Most Influential Person in Your Life: my best friend.

Greatest Ambition: to be a great mum.

Biggest Achievement: quitting smoking.

Grandest Wish: for my little bean to be healthy.

What You Can't Live Without: my boyfriend.

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Mum (Mom)
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Hi there, here goes

Name: Carmela

Age: 37

Location: Ipswich suffolk

I have a son of 11 and a daughter of 2 i used to be a hairdresser but gave it up when my son was diagnose with autism when he was 3, i am just working part time at Tesco, 8pm - 2.00am 3 days a week, just to get out of the house, and earn a bit of money so i can spend on the kids,


Hobbies: doing family things

Color: Earthy colours

Food: Chiniese, indian, and my mums own made pasta

Hang-out: mums and tots, swimming sing and sign (don't have time for myself)

Music: like anything apart from country music

Books: (do magazine's count)

Movies: Mafia movies, horror

TV Shows: Eastenders, corination street, super nanny, nanny 911

Authors: used to like virgina andrews

Cartoon Character: micky mouse

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: thailand

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My parents

Greatest Ambition: good health me and my family, our move to New zealand goes well, to be happy

Biggest Achievement: Helping my son with his autisim,

Grandest Wish: Hope my son and daughter will be o.k if anything happens to me

What You Can't Live Without: My family, dishwasher, tv pc

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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