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New to the bord, ready to support others

Im new to this site and I want to share my story of all the attempts to have my own child. To begin with, my name is Anna and Im 52. I had no children and for a long time I thought it was impossible to have at least one sweet child. But lets not make haste.
I got married 12 years ago and I have been trying to get pregnant since that very moment. Of course my husband and I decided to find out whats wrong after hundreds of ineffective natural attempts. Having passed some tests and analyses, it became clear that I have PCOS and problems with my AMH (0,32). Such results mean that my chances to become pregnant are poor as hell. I knew that the only way to have a child is IVF. So I started to choose a clinic, where such treatment is legal and possible to do at my age. My husband and I chose a clinic in the Czech Republic. I had few cycles with DE there but they were unsuccessful. The doctors told me there is no reason to give up my attempts thus I decided to keep going in this direction. Unfortunately, I was 48 at that moment and that means I cant do the next cycle in Czech clinic. And we again started our search. I was reading dozens of sites and forums trying to find any suitable placeand voila! We found out that in Ukraine there are no such restrictions related to IVF. Before we arrived there, we had lots of hesitations. Firstly, weve never been to that country and we thought it might be not the best place for TTC. But after careful consideration I agreed at least to try this opportunity because of the price. To my great surprise, Ukraine is a lovely country though there were some unpleasant moments. After usual preparations, tests, stimulations and all that stuffit was a miracle! I succeeded in the only thing I was dreaming about for about 10 years and thanks that Im a happy mother of Lily!

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Hi and welcome to bnb!

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Welcome to BnB

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