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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi from TTC after 1st Loss

I came Across this forum and thought that it maybe something i needed.
I am diagnosed with Graves and Hashimotos, (after 2 drs we were finally told I had antibodies for both auto immune disorders) which is terribly rare but I also have endometriosis and had surgery to clean me out in May of 2015. I began taking methimazole in September 2015 and after discussion concerning our desire to have kids my endocrinologist placed me on a PTU.
My husband and i began TTC in July but finally fell pregnant in Sept!
We had been off BC for approx 3 months and were estatic to have already become Pregnant!! We found out at 4 weeks but would end up losing our sweet angel around 9 weeks to find out at my 11 week appointment. We had no real symptoms of losing the baby, other than very light spotting that the dr told us was from a blood clot that they saw on the US around week 6, which is also where we saw a fetal pole with a heartbeats! At week 8, the baby had a heartbeat of 160 and had begun brain development. development. I have to believe that my graves played a part in my poor angels early leave and am quite devastated. We all really want to conceive and I am looking for anyone who may know of this situation or have graves themselves?

Thank you for allowing me to join your forum!!

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Hi and welcome to bnb. So sorry for your loss

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Welcome to the forum. Sorry for your loss

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Welcome to BnB

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