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I might be crazy. 42, 2 months late. negative tests.

so. I have always gotten pregnant very easily. I recently left my husband to be on my own after 19 years.

BG info: I am 42 years old and considered peri-menapausal. Always have had regular periods and NEVER late until this year. I have had a total of 5 pregnancys and 3 live births. I am little. 5 feet 2 inches and a total of 107 lbs. I take very good care of myself and am more fit then most 20 year olds. To say I KNOW what it feels like to be pregnant is putting it mildly. I KNOW my body or at least thought I did. Until now.

Here is my story: I took a lover a few months ago. initially we wore condoms but after an evening of drinking and revelry I allowed him to enter me coatless so to speak. He is 32 years old. After that it was a small fight getting him to wear one so I allowed this to happen using the "pull out" method. Not very smart at my age but there you have it. November 8th was the start of my last menstrual cycle. He made love to me using this "pull out" method on November 22. Thinking nothing of it I go about my business. That’s when things get weird. I start cramping. Not weird right? I mean my period is almost here. Due on December 5. Did I mention I am NEVER late. The nausea. That hit me hard. unmistakable. Then the weird salivating accompanied by uncontrollable burping. exhaustion.Hunger. WT actual FUDGE. theres more. THIS one I never experienced. SUDDEN waves of heat flushing my chest. HOT FLASHES? Am I going through the change of life? I think…My mother in her 50’s still has her period. Okay. Lets just sit this out and wait on my period to come because there is no way in hell i am pregnant. Am I stressed? If I wasn’t I am now.
First day. No period. Second day. No period. Third day. No period. ~facepalm. I go get a pregnancy test. 1st one. negative. There are 2 in the box. I take another the following morning. Negative. shoo. That was close. 3 days later nausea, burping, hot flashes. NO AF. WTF. After this I decide to wait a week. I mean I can’t afford to keep buying pregnancy tests right? I hit the DG (short for dollar general I can get 2 pregnancy tests for $6. I buy them and guess what? I TEST POSITIVE. Not believing in the accuracy of this bargain test I take the second out of the box later that day and its NEGATIVE. FUDGE.

Still confused I decide I must be pregnant and tell the soon to be daddy. I mean hell, I know my own body right? I have NEVER been late. DID I mention that already? Now that I have accepted my state of pregnancy I am kind of looking forward to being a “later in life” mommy. I’m afraid but hey women do it everyday.

My sister decides to help me get some financial aid. To do this I need a positive test from a doctor. I go to the OBGYN that I have used since I was 17. I am 42 now so you get the history we have. I tell the nurse my symptoms. I am CONVINCED I am pregnant. I take an in office pee test and guess what? Its NEGATIVE. I have a conversation with my Dr. we have a pretty open relationship. He tells me, “so you think because you are burping a lot you must be pregnant?” well when he puts it like that I feel a little silly. What about my missed period. I NEVER MISS A PERIOD. “Well,” he says….”lets get you in for a blood test an d ultrasound.”

The Ultrasound: The night before my ultrasound I call up my Aunt who is a radiologist for the last 30 years. Now I am paranoid. I tell her my situation and ask her if a pregnancy will show up on ultrasound at 5 weeks. She says no. According to my missed period I would be 7 weeks but at this point I’m feeling closer to 4 weeks . I ask her is it possible for me to get false NEGATIVES. She says it is extremely rare. More likely you are WISHING this pregnancy in to existence and thats why you are having symptoms. WTF? really. Now I think I might be crazy. FUDGE

The day of the ultrasound: I go into the ultrasound room dying to pee. I have just consumed 32 ounces of water and of course my 8:30am appointment didn’t happen till 9:30am. Did I mention that one of my imaginary symptoms is having to go to the bathroom a lot? I’m VERY uncomfortable. My aunt told me the night before that they will not discuss your results with you so I drop my AUNTS name in an attempt to get more info then regular patients. It works. She tells me there is NO sign of pregnancy however it looks like I have a Corpus Luteum on my left ovary. “What is a Corpus Luteum?” I ask.

She gave me the short answer but I found a longer one online.

“A corpus luteal cyst (CLC) is a very normal part of pregnancy and most women are unaware of having them. When the egg is released from the ovary at ovulation and the baby is conceived, the site of ovulation in the ovary becomes a corpus luteum cyst. For a few women this cyst can grow to the size of a golf ball (5 to 6 cms across) and cause symptoms such as quite distressing pain and sometimes a small amount of bleeding.

Most CLC's start to regress (or shrink) at around 10 weeks of pregnancy and disappear by about 16 weeks. In very rare cases, the pain becomes so severe that an operation is done to remove it, but this is unusual and most resolve on their own, with the pain gradually disappearing.

Generally an ultrasound will confirm that the cyst is causing the pain (often a low pain on one side of the abdomen), and the unborn baby is growing normally, not being affected. Some doctors will do further ultrasounds if the pain becomes more severe or to just montior the cyst's growth over a few weeks.”

“When you go to take your blood test you will know FOR sure.” she says.

I wipe the goo from my stomach and head to the diagnostics place for my blood test. I want a definitive answer.

I give the woman my lifes blood and anxiously wait for a phone call from my Dr. He calls the following day with a negative. I AM NOT PREGNANT.

I still have nausea, hot flashes, gas, burping, forget shopping the perfume aisle. I will wretch. And still NO PERIOD IN SITE.

I will be 2 months late JANUARY 5th.

Anyone else been in this boat?

I hate feeling like I’m cray. But I might be.

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Your questions would be best asked on the TTC boards.

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