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New to this and hoping I can get some feedback

Hi everyone,
Iv been looking on the Internet constantly for the last two days, I'm hoping for some feedback or if anyone's been in a similar situation??? I found out I was pregnant 5 weeks ago however I did have light bleed at the beginning as it was when my period was due I still rang 111 and they advised me this could be the implantation period and because I hadn't got heavy bleeding or cramping to try not worry so I carried on. Over the Xmas period a friend asked if I'd taken a test since my bleed I hadn't as I thought it was normal so wasn't worried however it played on my mind I got a test on my way home it turned out to be negative I was so shocked and proceeded to take 4 more test a digital clear blue included they all came back negative!!! I was so upset as iv been getting nausea and fatigue and list my appetite. I feel pregnant and believe I'm getting a bump im so confused they can't get me until Tuesday but don't know what to think or do,, iv spoke to a midwife and she said I should def be getting a positive test result and sounds like iv miscarried?!?! Iv started again to bleed today but it's very dark and brown it's not regular like my normal period either... Any suggestions or feedback on this guys??? Xx

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