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possibly 3 weeks pregnant but may have lost it


My husband and I have been trying for a year and I went to the doctor last Tuesday 12/27/16 to get blood work done so we could start fertility treatments. All the test came back fine expect my blood pregnancy test my HCG level was at a 5.2. That following Thursday 12/29/17 I started bleeding so I figured I was just starting my period. The bleeding lasted til Sunday and I was also having some mild cramping. The blood started out brown and turned heavier and more red. I figured either I lost it or I was never pregnant and I started my period. My doctor wanted to me to go back this Tuesday 01/03/17 for another blood pregnancy test. My results came back yesterday and my HCG was at 52.5. So in one week my level went from 5.2 to 52.5 so I was very shocked. I went home and took a pregnancy test yesterday 1/04/2017 and it was positive! Totally in shock! I also took one this morning and it was positive! I don't want to get too excited because what if I did loose it? I go back on Monday 01/09/17 for another blood pregnancy test to see if my numbers have went up. I really could use some positive words. Has this happened to anyone else? My husband and I want this more then anything and I don't want to get to excited but its so hard not too!

Thank you

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Hi and welcome to bnb! Congratulations I have everything crossed for you that your numbers go up

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Welcome to BnB

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Welcome & good luck

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Welcome to the forum, any news?

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