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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Ttc #1 || try & try again, right?


I have been lurking on this board posting here and there for months and months. I thought it was about time that I properly introduce myself! Ooops - Almost forgot!! My name is Ariel, like the Little Mermaid and my husband's name is Eric (Like the Little Mermaid's Prince, lol)

Here's my story (I'll try to sum it up):

IMPORTANT DATES (to me anyway):
October 2015: Officially started TTC
4/9/2016: Married my best friend, aka THE Husband.
4/19/2016: Move to Las Vegas (from Hawaii)

My age: 25
Husband's Age: 24
BCP: Since I was 13 - 9 Years!

Since October of 2015, I have had a menstrual cycle TWICE. Once in February 2016 AND once in August 2016. While living in Hawaii, I saw TWO SEPARATE doctors.

BOTH doctors completely dismissed me, because I had gone off birth control a little less than a year before we started really "trying." I was told that my not having a period, was normal for someone coming off BCP. As a "young person," who seemed healthy - I should be fine. I was not give any test and was told to wait it out. I went to both doctors after a 3 month follow up and requested testing - same thing happened. Again, I was told to be patient and "have more sex." (We do, a lot...)

FAST FORWARD to April 2016 - When we moved to Las Vegas. I knew, in my heart - something was wrong. I got a new job (Wedding Planning!!) and got medical coverage. Finally decided, enough was enough and stopped feeling sorry for myself and saw a doctor, December 2016. Did some blood work and a pap smear. Everything came out normal. My awesomely-amazing-wonderful doctor - wanted to find an answer. She scheduled me for an ultrasound the following week...

I found out, I have PCOS. I will not ovulate on my own. I was so upset and over-joyed all at once. To think, my husband and I were just "practicing" for over a year - kills me.

I am on Day 4 of Provera & I really really really hope this finally works for us. I am set to start Clomid on CD3. If we don't get pregnant in 3 months, my doctor will try something else and do more tests.

It feels like such a relief - that someone else didn't think I was crazy.

So again, my advice - Try and try again. Someone is always there to listen - you just have to find them.

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Welcome to BnB

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Hi and welcome to BnB!

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