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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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New and in need of help.

Hello there my lovely ladies.
I'm probably jumping the gun here a little bit but I don't really know what else to do.
I am currently on my second shot of depo and I'm due for my third on April the 14 which I will defiantly not be getting.
At the beginning of this month me and my partner had some very devastating news. Due to an ongoing health problem my ovaries have deteriorated at a rapid rate with the possibility of not being able to have children within the next year. This of course put a lot of strain on us but after a big discussion we have decided we both want children even if it is a little earlier than expected.
So. I begin reading up on depo and how long it may take to get out of my system (my assumption was not long as I've only had two shots and I'm young and healthy) but no, of course not! Can take up to 10 months just to get AF back.
So I have a few questions for you all, just before my second shot in January, I had a bleed that felt like AF, be it light, it was still there. But I never bled up until that point whilst on depo and I haven't bled since.
Im also worried about these cramps I keep getting, my depo hasn't technically wore off yet so it can't be withdrawal already can it?
Any help would be much appreciated as well as any success stories to keep our hopes up.
Wish I had never had this aweful shot now.

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Hi Chuckle

Welcome to BabyandBump

Your question may best be suited in the TTC forums where others who have stopped the depo may be able to help.

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Hi and welcome to BnB

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Welcome to the forum

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