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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Hello, Newbie Here

I guess I'll introduce myself...

I'm new here, obviously. My name is Lyka. I'm 19, coming up on 20, and am a daycare teacher by day and an author by night. I live with my lovely boyfriend of 3 years, 3 cats who think the world revolves around them, and a goofy rescue dog. We're excited to start a family and waiting to try until most likely 2018 or 2019. I stumbled across this site during one of my late-night Googling sessions (I both overthink everything and am naturally Google-happy, so this is not unusual) and figured it'd be a good place to hang around especially now that we've started planning.

So...yeah. Hi, everyone.

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Hi Lyka

Welcome to BabyandBump

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Hi and welcome to BnB!

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Welcome to the forum!

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