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Missed miscarriage

I had my first scan on the 9th of May and at the scan we saw a ges sac with an egg yolk measuring 16 mm which put me at 6w2d but no fetal pole was present. I was asked to come back at 8 weeks to redo the scan and in the mean time to do bloods and see what my hcg levels were doing. My bloods showed hcg levels going up and dr seemed happy with this. Than on Monday I went back to have another scan done which should of had put me at 8 weeks. At the scan it had showed that the sac had only grown very little in the 12 days between the scan. I am devestated and went back to dr to ask for a d and c. He instead took another lot of bloods as he said just because the sonographer didnít see anything it doesnít mean nothing is there. He wants to give me another week to see what happens. However I no longer feel pregnant and yesterday and today when I went to the toilet some of my mucus had a tinge of brown that I only just saw as I am aware that I may be loosing bubs. Guess what Iím asking is how long till a natural miscarriage can take to occur 😢

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I am so sorry about all of this! Are you cramping at all? Some girls do spot during pregnancy. You do know your body best so if you feel like this is it then I imagine if the spotting is from it naturally occurring then it wont be too much longer.

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If you are having a natural miscarriage they would usually expect a couple of weeks before offering alternative options again. I think it can depend on your circumstances, how far along and maybe even the hospital but as Hoping4 has mentioned if the pregnancy isn't viable the bleeding could be signs that it won't be much longer.

So sorry

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How are you doing? I had a MC at 10 weeks something, baby stopped growing at 9. It is different for everyone or me it took about 5 days to go from brown spotting to heavy bleeding. 2 days of brown spotting. 2 days of red spotting, starting light and getting a little heavier. Then some cramps and sudden heavy bleeding.

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OMG, lovelies, I'm so sorry for all of you. So sad.. I happened to survive a mc once with our first fresh ivf. They placed back 2 5day blasts. Unfortunately none survived though I was truly counting on one at least (But dreaming of both!!) This was the most difficult period of my life. I felt I was going insane..Took a long break to recover emotionally..Poor things I'm so sorry you're battling the same..

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