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Baby brain game

As the title says, just say what you have done with your baby brain!

Ill start!

When i was in mcdonalds i went to take a drink out of the drinking cup with the straw, but instead i tried to drink it like a cup and it went all over me! About 5 mins later i did it again!

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I put the peanut butter and cereal in the fridge and milk in the cupboard!

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Kept mixing up January and July talking with a patient today.

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I keep putting things away and having no memory of it! OH lost his coat for over two weeks until I came across it in a small cupboard, I put it there in the first place! No idea why as it belongs on the coat rack! Then we lost our coin purse for doing laundry for a few days until I found it in my bag! It was over $50 in change and weighed a ton, yet I'd been carrying it around with me for days!

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