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LOOONG Congrats Game R8


Roll one 6-sided die once for each child born in round 1 or 2 in turn, starting with the oldest.
Even means they have a newborn child at this stage, odd means they don't.
For each (providing you get some) yes,, roll to determine the gender. Even is girl, odd is boy.
You pick the names. Create birth announcements on

A couple who are old friends of the family has written to you. You’re thrilled to hear from them as last time you spoke to them you were pregnant with your youngest. They explain that they have been trying to get hold of you for quite a while, but they lost your address when they moved away. Decide the friends’ names and what they said and respond accordingly.
Include photos/photo tinks etc of your grandchildren. OPTIONAL


your children:
ROUND 1: 26
ROUND 2: 23 1/2
ROUND 3: 17 1/2
ROUND 4: 16
ROUND 5: 9
your grandchildren:
ROUND 6: 7 1/2
ROUND 7: 3
ROUND 8: newborn

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Dear Anna,

It's so great to hear from you! Congrats to you and Eric on becoming grandparents, baby April is so beautiful.

I have also become a grandmother, 8 times over!

Little Mia was first at only 16 giving birth to triplets, but she has become a wonderful mother. She is such a natural. Her boyfriend was such a sweetheart but unfortunately couldn't handle being a teen parent. Mia met a wonderful man last spring and they now have a beautiful boy together.

The twins are now 26. Crystal has been married for almost 4 years and has a 3 year old boy and just gave birth to a little girl. Her and her husband are both middle school teachers and met at college.

Vanessa is enjoying being single at the moment. She has had a few career changes, first thinking she wanted to go into the web design which has been a hobby of hers since she was in middle school. She soon found that it took the fun out of it. Next she tried education like her sister but has never been an academic.
She finally found the perfect fit and is just finishing a degree in Esthetics.

Tim & Chris are enjoying being new fathers. Tim's wife gave birth to a little girl in November, and Chris' fiancee had a boy in December.

Elizabeth(as she now prefers) is now in Grade 12 and is rather smitten with a college junior. He has asked Sam and I permission to propose and plans to ask her the night of her graduation.

Aside from school, Gabby is training for the Armed Forces. He really wants to be a fighter pilot, which scares me to death!! That said I am very proud of him.

The little one I was expecting when we last talked is now 9! We named him Nathaniel Andrew. He is already quite tall for his age just like Crystal, Mia, Chris and Daddy. Nate is a very bright boy and loves school. He says he wants to be a Doctor just like Tim.

That's all for now,

I've included pictures of all my grandbabies for you to enjoy.

Yours always,
Lily (& Sam)

Crystal Victoria & Matthew Richard
-Finlay Matthew(3)
-Emmeline Hope(NB)
Vanessa Catherine

Amelia Prudence & Aaron Michael
-Eden Ashlee/Kristin Alyson/Pascal Alexander(7)
-Landon Joshua(11 mos)
Timothy Parker & Cynthia Marie
-Ainsley Laurel(NB)
Christopher Paul & Sophia Rose
-Quinton James(NB)

DD: Elizabeth Dora(17) & Julian Carter
DS: Gabriel Asher(16)
DS: Nathaniel Andrew(9)

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Me: Linnea Willow Merryweather (42 1/2)
Mr Right: Gabriel Milson (44.5)

DS/DS: Oscar Thomas & Rory Joseph (26)
DS/DS/DS: Oliver Ronan, Rufus Shane & Sebastian Danny (23 1/2)
DD: Elsie Clarabel (17 1/2)
DS: Henry Quinn (16)
DD: Phoebe Janette (9)


(Seb & Jessie)
DGD - Sofia Linnea (7 1/2)
DGS - Sydney Gabriel (7 1/2)
DGD - Sienna Iris (7 1/2)
DGS - Phoenix James (7 1/2)
DGD - India Mary (7 1/2)
DGS - Dayton Peter (NB).....Peter after Seb's Grandfather.

(Oscar & Katie)
DGS - Leo Samuel (3)

(Rufus & Eleanor)
DGS - Elijah George (NB).....George after Eleanor's father.

ROUND 1: 26
ROUND 2: 23 1/2
ROUND 3: 17 1/2
ROUND 4: 16
ROUND 5: 9

ROUND 6: 7 1/2
ROUND 7: 3
ROUND 8: newborn

Birth Announcements by

Birth Announcements by

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Dear Sarah,

How lovely to hear from you, I'm glad you are all well.

It's good to hear that Eloise's business is doing so well, she always said that she wanted to be a florist!. And you're a grandma, Lola Belle is such an adorable name!!. She looks just like her mum.

Ok, wow, how is everyone here?...where do i start...I have also become a nana.

Oscar and his wife Katie were married 5 years ago and have a 3 year old son, Leo. Oscar and Katie have their own business, a childrens clothing shop.

Rory is married to Olivia and he is a teacher at the local primary school. They married 7 years ago. They are desperate for children but have been trying for 5 years with no success, it's heartbreaking.

Oliver is single. He is working at an estate agents.

Rufus and his wife Eleanor married last year and have a newborn son Elijah. Rufus is working as a builder.

Seb & Jessie became parents at 16 to quints!!, Sofia, India, Sienna, Phoenix and Sydney, they are 7 and a half now. They have just had another boy too, Dayton. They were married 2 years ago. Seb is working as an architect.

Elsie is travelling at the moment in Australia with her best-friend, Tayah. I'm worried sick about her but we are in contact often.

Henry has just left school so he is trying to figure out what to do next.

Phoebe is doing well at school. She goes to ballet as well which she just loves!.

With love,
Linnea (& Gabe)

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Me: Rose Jennifer Depp
Mr Right: Alex Mathew Kaiden
DS/DS: Kyle Logan/James Christopher (26)
Kyle's spouse: Candace Lawrence
DS/DS/DS: Nick Owen/Jack Iglesias/Michael Johnson(23)
Nick's GF: Isabella Gibbs
DD: Anne Buttercup (17)
DD: Julia Rose(16)
DD: Alice Taylor(9)
DGD/DGS: Angelina Clarkson/Jacob Dawson (7)
DGS: Edward Simon(11 mos)

(Nick & Isabella)
Angelina Clarkson/Jacob Dawson(7)

(Kyle & Candace)
Edward Simon(11 mos)

(James & Ruth)
Emma Abbott (NB)

(Anne & Shawn)
Johnny Downs (NB)

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Me: Poppy Arianna Daniels (43)
Mr Right: Stuart Michael James Daniels (45)

Evelyn Amelia Summer (26) + Adam Marc (26)
-- Arabella Poppy (3)
-- Aoife Noelle
Jennifer Arielle Sophia (26)
Aurora Hope (23) + George Zachary (24)
--Taylor Sparrow + Robert Zachary (7)
-- Briony Imogen
Calliope Faith (23)
Belle Grace (23) + Christopher Benjamin (25)
--Romy Aria
Marya Blue
Alistair Ezra (16)
Ledger Joshua (9)

Birth Announcements by

Birth Announcements by

Birth Announcements by

Hi Sarah, its great to hear from you!
I'm glad things are well at your neck of the woods, the photos you've sent of your grandchildren are great. It's great news to hear IVF for Susan worked, it was so sad she was stuggling TTC. But a boy and a girl, how wonderful!

Things here are.. Hectic, to say the least!
I now have 8 grandchildren. Yes!

Our Rory was first to have children at the tender age of 16. She struggled with her relationship throughout her pregnancy but he really stepped upto the plate when the boys (Taylor Sparrow + Robert Zachary) arrived. And Last year they got married! Whilst on their honeymoon, they concieved again, they had a little girl this time - Briony Imogen. She's just wonderful, and the boys admire her so much!

Evie (Evelyn) went away to university to do nursing, and when she was there she met her now husband, Adam. He's always wanted children and she said she fell inlove with him instantly. A year after finishing university they got married, a year later they had my first granddaughter - Arabella Poppy. Shes now 3 and shes so smart! They grow so quickly. They've recently just had another daughter, Aoife Noelle. She's a blessing, but she crys so much! Haha. Even Arabella covers her ears and says, "Oh wow! Thats noisy!" It's just the cutest thing!

Belle also gave birth just before christmas, to a lovely little girl called Romy Aria. We all call her our little Christmas present! Belle wants more children, but is waiting until Romy is 18 months before they start TTC again.

Jenny is focusing on her career right now. She finished her Veterinary Degree 3 years ago and has just got her very own practice up and running. She's recently been seeing one of the other Vets that work there. I bet they'd have smart children! (Some more boys please, Jen! Haha)

Callie left university 3 years ago after finishing her Photography Degree, after which she started Photographing weddings, doing school photos and things like that, but she said she doesnt enjoy it as much. About 2 years ago she started travelling, shes currently in Italy, she writes every 2 weeks and she sends us lovely photographs! She picked up a man called Pierre whilst she was in France and he's been travelling with her since. I'm waiting for her to come home and tell me shes gotten married!

Marya is in the middle of applying to university to study Accounting, i think she'll be bored stiff but she loves maths, so whatever makes her happy. Although her boyfriend recently suggested that they brake up when they go off to uni because of the distance and she's acting like its the end of the world!

Alistair has become very difficult to handle lately. He's always out until the early hours of the morning, i dont know what to do with him anymore. Stuarts trying to become very strict with him, but you should hear the way Alistair speaks back to him. I've never known someone to say such things to their parents.

Ledger is great, my little baby! I never want him to grow up, aha. He's the only one left that still enjoys having a cuddle with mummy on the sofa!

Write back soon,
All our love,

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Me: Poppy Vienna Carter *Lopez* (43)
Him: Elliott Matthew Carter (45)
DS: Jesse Taylor (26)
--DGD: Maisie Diana (3)
--DGD: Freya Aurora (nb)
DD: Ariel Paige (26)
--DGS/DGS: Orlando James & Pheonix Ray (8)
--DGD: Mila Renee (nb)
DD: Nala Faith (23)
DS: Roscoe Kanye (23)
--DGS: Logan Elijah (nb)
DD: Belle Amity (23)
DD: Elizabeth Minnie "Liza" (17)
DS: Tobias Reed "Toby" (16)
DS: Riley William (9)

Poppy and Elliott Carter with Jesse, Ariel, Nala, Roscoe, Belle, Liza,Toby and Riley!

Ariel Carter with Orlando, Pheonix and Mila!

Jesse Carter with Maisie and Freya!

Roscoe Carter with Logan!

Good to hear from you Richard and Jennifer! It has been so long, 9 years I think! I have lots to tell you. I am a grandmother to 6 beautiful grandchildren! I know can you believe it? Jesse is settled down and married and he has 2 beautiful daughters, Maisie is 3 and a ball of energy and Freya is a few months old! Ariel has twin boys, Orlando and Pheonix who are 8 years old and a new little baby girl she has named Mila, she is just like Ariel as a baby. Unfortunately she is on her own at the moment but good friends with the children's father, she hopes to work it out but I think someone else is involved. The triplets are 23 now, Nala is away at Med school and Belle is training to be a hairdresser, she wants to own her own salon. Roscoe is engaged to his childhood sweetheart and they have just welcomed a son, he is only 2 weeks old and they have named him Logan. We are looking forward to a summer wedding I think. Liza has just finished high school but unsure what she wants to do next, she is talking about a gap year but I'm not so convinced, these teenagers think they are invincible and Liza is a little naive. Toby is still in school, he is my most intelligent child I think, it wouldn't surprise me if he became an engineer or a scientist, he really is very clever. Riley is my baby, although 9 now and he is the apple of my eye. I am very blessed I can tell you that. How is life with you? Write back soon, Poppy.

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Me: Lily Grace Crewe (43)
Mr Right: Koby Keith Hannigan (45)

DS-William Alexander (26)
--DGS- Finlay James (3)
DD-Jenna Christine (26)
--DGS- Oliver Jack (NB)

DS-Cooper John (23)
--DGD/DGD- Brooklyn Marie/ London Kate (7)
--DGD- Macey Gaines (NB)
DD-Ellie Faith (23)
--DGS- Calvin Scott (NB)
DD- Anna Grace (23)

DD- Elizabeth Belle (17)
DD- Clara Margaret (16)
DS- Charles Louis (9)

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