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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Me: Rose Jennifer Depp
Mr Right: Alex Mathew Kaiden
DS/DS: Kyle Logan/James Christopher
Kyle's spouse: Candace Lawrence
DS/DS/DS: Nick Owen/Jack Iglesias/Michael Johnson
Nick's GF: Isabella Gibbs
DD: Anne Buttercup
DD: Julia Rose
DD: Alice Taylor
DGD/DGS: Angelina Clarkson/Jacob Dawson
DGS: Edward Simon

(Nick & Isabella)
Angelina Clarkson/Jacob Dawson

(Kyle & Candace)
Edward Simon

(James & Ruth)
Emma Abbott

(Anne & Shawn)
Johnny Downs

I've grown old, my eye sights gave up, I'm on a stick support, my tooth missing sorry I forgot the ages of my family and I have lost my marbles and gone crazy raising up such a big family. I looked like a baby producing machine here.

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Me: Poppy Arianna Daniels (45)
Mr Right: Stuart Michael James Daniels (47)

Evelyn Amelia Summer (28) + Adam Marc (28)
-- Arabella Poppy (5)
-- Aoife Noelle (2)
Jennifer Arielle Sophia (28) + Andrew Richard (29)
--Emily Francesca
Aurora Hope (25) + George Zachary (26)
--Taylor Sparrow + Robert Zachary (9)
-- Briony Imogen (2)
Calliope Faith (25) + Mario Luigi (27)
-- Asia + Jace
Belle Grace (25) + Christopher Benjamin (27)
--Romy Aria (2)
--Bennett Daniel
Marya Blue
Alistair Ezra (18)
Ledger Joshua (11)

Birth Announcements by

Birth Announcements by

Birth Announcements by

Hi Sarah,

its good to hear from you again!
Wow, Susans twins are growing up really fast, and shes pregnant again naturally - such wonderful news! I cant wait to see whether its a little boy or a little girl. What is she hoping for? Keep us posted!

I cant believe your Charlie is married, i thought that one would never settle down. Haha. I'd love to meet the woman that made an honest man out of him!

Jenny married that man last year who she was working with, his name is Andrew, and hes such a lovely man! Very caring and considerate, and smart! They've recently had a beautiful baby girl, Emily Francesca.

Callie came home a year ago and she was married! But not to Pierre - to an Italian man named Mario! He is lovely, but it was all a bit quick. But hey, i dont think my family knows how to go at a slower pace. They had a set of gorgoeus fraternal boy/girl twins not long ago, and named them Asia and Jace.

Belle also had another little baby, a bouncing little boy, Bennett! He's gorgoeus and Romy loves him. She's always telling people about her "Baby brother Bennett who came from Mummy's tummy." She truly is precious!

Marya is just about to start her second year of university, she passed all her first exams and even got highest in her year! She's met a nice boy studying Medicine and in fact is bringing home for dinner next week! Its the first time we get to meet him.

Alistair recently joined the army. its so sad to see your baby go off to fight in the services, but im so proud of him. Stuart also says it might do him some good, and get him to respect others and be grateful for what he has. I hope hes right!

Ledger - my only baby still left in the nest - is just about to start secondary school. It breaks my heart. I never want him to leave! He always talks about, "When i have my own house like my sisters.." I want him to live with me forever!

All my love, let me know how Susan gets on with her new LO!

--Oh, i didnt have a chance to send this letter before the weekend. We had dinner with Marya and her new boyfriend, Joshua. - Just thought i'd let you know.. She pregnant! Oh my word!

Speak soon!

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Mum (Mom)
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Me: Poppy Vienna Carter *Lopez* (45)
Him: Elliott Matthew Carter (47)
DS: Jesse Taylor (28)
--DGD: Maisie Diana (5)
--DGD: Freya Aurora (2)
DD: Ariel Paige (28)
--DGS/DGS: Orlando James & Pheonix Ray (10)
--DGD: Mila Renee (2)
DD: Nala Faith (25)
--DGS: Arron Bailey (1)
DS: Roscoe Kanye (25)
--DGS: Logan Elijah (2)
--DGD/DGD: Isabel Jayne & Eliana Rose (nb)
DD: Belle Amity (25)
DD: Elizabeth Minnie "Liza" (19)
--DGD: Georgina Leanne (nb)
DS: Tobias Reed "Toby" (18)
DS: Riley William (11)

Poppy and Elliott Carter with Jesse, Ariel, Nala, Roscoe, Belle, Liza,Toby and Riley!

Ariel Carter with Orlando, Pheonix and Mila!

Jesse Carter with Maisie and Freya!

Roscoe Carter with Logan, Isabel and Eliana!

Nala Carter with Arron!

Liza Carter with Georgina!

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Me: Lily Grace Crewe (45)
Mr Right: Koby Keith Hannigan (47)

DS-William Alexander (28)
--DGS- Finlay James (5)
DD-Jenna Christine (28)
--DGS- Oliver Jack (2)
--DGD- Natalie Rose (NB)

DS-Cooper John (25)
--DGD/DGD- Brooklyn Marie/ London Kate (9)
--DGD- Macey Gaines (2)
DD-Ellie Faith (25)
--DGS- Calvin Scott (2)
--DGS- Jackson Clark (NB)
DD- Anna Grace (25)
--DGS- Benjamin Marvin (NB)
--DGS- Samuel Adam (NB)

DD- Elizabeth Belle (19)
DD- Clara Margaret (18)
DS- Charles Louis (11)

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