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What are you getting your kids for Christmas??

And how old are they? My 5 y.o. DD wants a Nintendo that appropriate for that age? Her cousin has one and hes glued to it all day long. I dont want that for my kids, plus her lil bro will definitely want to play too. Im getting our 6 month old some developmental toys and a walker-any suggestions?

We have a 5 y.o. DD, 3 y.o. DS, and 6 m.o. DD2...grandma is doing bikes, legos for our boy...

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My youngest DD is 3 months, will be 4 come xmas. I've gotten her some soft blocks, a stuffed octopus that plays music/talks and clothes in the next size up. That's it, she'll be spoiled by grandparents and aunties and won't be able to really understand the whole idea at this age so I didn't want to go overboard.

My other DD is 5 and she's gotten more. I've gotten her some clothes, puzzles, books and then she asked for a soccer ball. We also got her a dollhouse with a family from "Santa" and she's been asking for the Monster High dolls, which we're kind of unsure on so I got the most modestly dressed one I could find and we'll see how it goes.

I think video games like the DS depend on the kid. Some would be willing to use them sparingly but others will be glued to them. I'm afraid my DD is the type who would be addicted to the thing so I wouldn't get her one only you can know how your kid would handle it though. The only other thing my DD asked for is an ipad (they use them in school and she loves the thing) but I refuse to buy something like that for a kid.

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My 11 yo and my 9 yo are getting blackberry playbooks as their main pres

Lana (3 in jan) is getting baby born and baby born horse and baby born riding clothes set as hers

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My DS got a nintendo ds lite (second hand) for Christmas last year. He was 4 and a half. So I vote yes your DD is fine to have one. DS now given it to his little brother (aged 3) and has been playing on DH's PSP instead though lol.

For Christmas this year -

DD (7) is getting a Fliker scooter for her main santa present.
Then for other presents she's getting tons of zoobles (she's obsessed with them)

DS1 (5) is getting a tablet computer (android) as his main santa present.
Then for other presents he's getting transformers bot-shots and a couple of Ben 10 things.

DS2 (3) is getting a Jake and the Neverland Pirates ship as his main santa present.
Then for other presents he's getting transformers rescue bots and a toy robot thing

They're also all getting a selection box and some choccie coins and a potato gun each.

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Boy is getting the bat cave, a construction building set (a bit like knexs), a remote control dinosaur, a trash pack thing, some board games, an easel, art materials and a train station (wooden, to go with all his wooden stuff). A couple of those gifts have been bought with money given by friends/family. I didn't want to go wild this year, he's got enough toys already!

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Dec is 5 and his main present is an Ipod Touch, he is also getting some books, games, colours, a new garage, some HM Armed forces stuff and dvds.

Dan is 14 and his main present is Beats by Dre, he is also getting trainers, a new watch, xbox lives, money for clothes, smellies, aftershave and games and dvds.

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Daniel is 5 and for his main present is getting a table for his wooden train track plus a bit more track. The rest of his presents from us are going to be Lego.

Esther is 3 and she is just getting a balance bike.

IRO the Nintendo - it's fine as long as you feel you will be able to limit the time on it if needed. I personally won't buy my son one at the moment as i think there is plenty of time for things like that.

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Isaiahs getting this as his main present, this year
He got a Nintendo last year and what I do is let him play it after school after his homework until about dinner time which is about 45minutes

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DD1 is 9 and is getting a Portable DVD player as her main present. Shes also getting an ipod shuffle, some Lego Friends, games, books and craft bits.

DD2 is 4, 5 in April, she did ask for a DS which I was unsure about but has changed her mind now and asked for Playmobil stuff which will be her main present and other presents too, shes also getting books, games and Moshi Monster bits.

DD3 is 2 and most of hers is made up off Happyland stuff, Tag Junior and Orchard House games.

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DD is 7, she has a DS and a Wii, so this year we're getting her a portable dvd player and some movies she loves. My mother in law is getting her a furby and monster high dolls ( she LOVES these things!) lol. She will have a good Christmas.

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