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Tattoo'd mums and dads!

Any tattoo'd mums or dads out there?

My dad had a tattoos when I was a kid and I never thought twice about it. But when I worked in childcare, all the kids asked me about my tattoo and I wasn't ever sure how to answer them. I tried the "It's a special drawing that doesn't wash off" and then they'd ask how it stays on!

How will/did you explain the difference between a tattoo and a drawing to your kids? Did they ask or just accept it?

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My LO loves my tatts and at the weekends he always puts on his tattoos ! He asked how mines doesnt wash off like his and i explained mine was done with needles, no point in lying so hes more than happy to stick with his pretend ones and doesnt want any real ones when he grows up lol x

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Our boys are too little ATM but I plan to be honest - I only have a few but OH has his whole back and one sleeve completely tattood. The boys have temp ones they love already

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I told both my boys the truth, that they were done with special needles so that they never wash off. I have 1/2 my back and a full side tattoo so tbh my boys are just used to it, OH has a few as well

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We both have tattoo's and the boys have never asked, sometimes Riley will stroke the one on my hand but isn't that bothered by it. He has been them after they have been done and are still a bit bloody so he knows they hurt though lol x

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Lucas watched me have my last tattoo, I never really had to explain any thing to him, he just knew if that makes any sense, he has only ever known me with tattoos so I guess its just the norm to him

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I have three tattoos-one with my son's name and birthday, one with my daughter, Mady's, name and birthday, and a set of angel wings with my daughter Sera's name and birthday.

I have never really gotten into a conversation with my kids about my tattoos. They just know they're there and they love the tattoos, especially because they know that it's their names that are tattooed on mommy. They know that they're tattoos and have never really asked more questions than that. If they ask, I'll be honest with them and tell them my tattoos are done with a special needle and ink and will never come off.

My kids have always just accepted my tattoos as part of me, just like they accept my piercings as part of me.

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Like above DD1 has never asked about how I got my tattoo. I only have the one small one on my back. (I'd love to get more but don't have the day I will...) I've had it as long as she can remember though so I'm sure it's just the norm for her.

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My LO is too small to ask- when she see's it she'll push on it though and look at it with curiosity. hehe. My SD was 9 when I came along- so she already knew what a tattoo was- and she says she wants one when she's old enough. Ack. Personally, I do not want her to get one till she's much older (she's almost 16 and lucky you can't get one till 18 where we live- parent consent or not). I was 26 when I got my first one- it was very small and in a more private area on my lower back. The one on my ankle I was probably 30ish? geesh- I can't really remember. But I was old enough to make a smart decision on what I got and where- all my friends that got them much younger all pretty much hate them. I am just honest with my SD about what it is- and I'll be the same with my LO when she's big enough to ask/understand.

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I told my son it is done with a needle and it stays there forever. He has seen his friends have wash off tattoos and has seen me wash mine without it coming off so he knows the difference and he also knows that they hurt xx

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