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Where to buy good boys clothes???

I have been searching for some decent boys clothes, size 5.

There are certainly plenty of clothes out there but they all seem to be this awful american style clothing.

I have tried all the usual places and have come away disappointed.

Skater style, big slogans, camo patterns, hideous colours.

New or excellent condition preloved.

Suggestions anyone????

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I have always had this problem for my lad, i dont like anything with slogans like '100% devil' or 'monster' blah de blah...and i dont get why designers/manufactorers make nice clothing that give off positive vibes for girls and not for boys :$
This year the best stuff i found for Jack was from Mini-mode by Boots.Im not sure what kinda stuff they have in at the moment but in the summer i got him loads from there because it was the only clothing that i liked.
P.S seeing as my lad is in age 4-5 clothing too maybe we should stay in touch through this thread and tell each other when we find 'nice' clothes in the size were looking for

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Although Woolworths is no longer on the highstreet, you they re-launched on the web. I would post the link but I can't yet as I haven't posted enough

So just Google 'woolworths' and you'll find it

They sell the 'Ladybird' brand on the site, which I always found great for my little boy and girl.


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i think next clothes tend to be the nicest..
also have you tried primark? they have some nice boys stuff occasionly.. and because they are always getting new things in.. there tends to be some good stuff!
Also, tkmaxx!

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Next has always got gorjus clothes in for everyone but i always found coz DS was taller than the average child, next clothes lasted 2 seconds on him. To give you a rough idea now, he is 7 on friday and he has a next top which is size 9-10 as anything smaller is too short on him.

Other shops i found that have been good over the years have been woolworths, tescos, mini-mode, Adams-kids, and george at asda.

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