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I feel your pain. We are currently having to go back to basics at the moment with H. Pushing boundaries, being loopy, answering back and generally developing quite the attitude. I seem to being seeing a trait with a lot of 4 year olds at the moment, so as someone said above I think this is just something they all go through. Dammit!!

Stay strong, keep doing what you're doing. I think that being consistent is the key here, keep saying what you are saying, doing what you are doing and eventually they'll be so fed up of hearing the same 'moans and groans' from mummy or daddy they'll just listen. It I think it's going to take time... I'm struggling to be consistent. Some days I want to throw the damn washing up liquid at him and tell him to make a mess with it, or use his fingers and say 'well if you get a tummy ache it's your fault' oh the amount of things we think up. But I have found consistency is key.

Oh and by the way - if you find a magic wand, or spell --- please pass it on 😁😁😁

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