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DD goes to Rainbows on a Friday which she loves. Going to out DS into Beavers when he's old enough (he's just turned 4). He goes to a toddlers trampolining club one morning a week which he enjoys.

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Thomas goes to soft play once a week from 4-6 for a special needs group. They can do whatever they want. Sometimes they do crafts or simple baking. They sometimes bring mascots out too.

On a Sunday Thomas goes to a special needs dance class for an hour.

He was going to special needs football but it's an awkward time and place. I had to rely on family to get us to and from there.

It's actually really hard to find anything for Thomas

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Originally Posted by lau86 View Post
Does anyone's little boy dance? I really think my son would enjoy some kind of street dancing but don't know where to start
My nephew did ballet from ages 2-5, now he does hip hop.

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DS is starting cross country running on fri xxxx

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Ds does tae kwon do. He did it a couple years ago but didnt enjoy it. The intructor wasnt great tbh and the time of day was all wrong for ds. He now goes straight after school, at his school with a couple of his friends. He is realy enjoying it. He used to do swimming lessons but with all the issues with his tonsills we decided to stop untill he has had them out. We went swimming yesterday and he used to be able to swim 10m at 4 years old but because he hasnt been going regularly for almost 2 years he seems to have forgoten.

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Dd1 had her first dance competition yesterday. For her to even get up and dance in front of the 300+ people was an achievement, she would have never done that a few months ago! Not only that, but she absolutely snashed it, made all 3 finals and came home with 3 trophies! (4th, 4th, 2nd) Her confidence since starting has blown me away and I can only hope she continues to love it and grow as a dancer and as a person

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Violet goes to preschool three days a week. She's 4. When she's old enough for kindergarten (she'll be a couple months from 6), we plan to homeschool, so I feel like she should be part of some activity. I'm looking into 4-H for her. It seems like a good option. Club sports around here start in first grade. So if she's into it, she'll be able to choose from soccer and basketball. I know there's also t-ball and gymnastics in the area. This summer we may take her to a few gymnastics classes. Maybe another summer we'll do swim lessons. So far she really enjoys preschool and had gone back and forth on her opinion of gymnastics (she's taken a few classes previously). When she was younger, my husband also took her to story time at the library. She enjoyed it. Leo isn't even 2. Pretty soon I'm going to start strongly encouraging my husband to take him to story time (husband is a stay at home parent).

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My son did karate & gymnastics & swimming last summer.
He goes to preK M-Th for 3 hours/day &
does swimming 1 day/week during school sessions.
This summer he will probably do karate & soccer & swimming.
During school sessions next year, he will do piano or guitar.
He loves it all & wants to try everything, but I really don't want him
over-scheduled & struggle sometimes in determining what is too much.

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My son does cross country running at school on a Tues and swimming out of school on a Thurs. I've asked if he'd like to do anything else but he says that's enough for now.

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