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Eleanor ace
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Clubs and activities

What clubs or activities does your child belong to/do?
DS is 5.5, he currently does football club (which he is quitting soon as he doesn't enjoy it), ukulele lessons (which he enjoys so far) and swimming lessons (which he is pretty lukewarm about).
He has done gymnastics (which he was very good at but decided he didn't like) and tennis (he messed around and didn't enjoy it after the 2nd lesson :doh and would like to do hockey but we're reluctant to sign him up as we'd need to shell out club fees, stick and kit and he has a habit of deciding he doesn't like something after we've bought everything .

So what does your LO do, and do they enjoy it?

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Dd does...

Ballet - she loves this. Although I think she may enjoy the costume more than the dancing! But she does really enjoy it!

Swimming - she's not so fussed about this. It's the only activity she does that is non-negotiable though. She had to learn to swim.

Gymnastics - she does this with a couple of friends from school and really likes it. But sometimes chats more than she participates!

I was thinking about rainbows/beavers. Dd is high energy & pretty bright so can be difficult to entertain sometimes. But, it's getting expensive & with going back to work I have limited time. Plus, I think there's some real value in learning to entertain yourself so I'm holding off for now. If she wanted to swap ballet/gymnastics for beavers then I'd let her, but I can't see that happening anytime soon.

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Ds does football and swimming lesson at the moment. He enjoys both, But I agree with pp- the swimming he has to do.
I would like him to play an instrument when he's around 6-7 but I don't plan to force him to do anything. I did activities almost every night growing up and often twice at weekends and it was too much. I wasn't even talented at them really

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my eldest (almost 6) only does dancing. She does a stretching/competition class on a Tuesday and a regular stage class on a Wednesday. She only just started the competition class a few weeks ago and I plan on letting her start competing after Christmas if she is still enjoying it and is up for it (we went to watch a competition last weekend and she was inspired, so I'm pretty sure she will be eager to compete!)
She really loves to dance and is very good at it. I hope she continues to love it as much as she does now

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Eleanor ace
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Ooh DS has asked to join Beavers (or bunny scouts as he calls it; Max and Ruby fan over here ), I'm going to look into how old he needs to be.

Lau what a busy schedule you had! I try to make sure they don't have too much on because with school it already feels like DS doesn't get that much time to just play.

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Summer does -

Play Rangers which is outdoor play and activities ( den building, fire making etc) on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school. They're drop in sessions but she likes to go to them all. On a Tuesday she does multi sports after school and on a Sunday she goes to a youth club. She's not forced to do any though.

As for Maci she's much more of a homebody and is happier colouring in/writing etc. She goes to the same youth club as Summer on a Sunday and she does go to the play ranger sessions but not in the winter as she hates the cold.

Both kids have tried gymnastics but didn't like so stopped.

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Ds1 is also 5.5 land currently only does football. He too however doesn't enjoy it so he's about to give up. The plan is that he will starting doing swimming lessons instead but I don't think he'll enjoy that either.

I grew up not doing any clubs so I'm quite keen for him to do at least one but I wonder if he too would enjoy beavers more so than a football club

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Joshua does Beavers (will soon be going to Cubs). He loves it. You have to be 5 & 3/4 - 6years old to join Beavers.

They both go swimming. Joshua enjoys it, Jacob not so much but it's non-negotiable.

Jacob currently goes to gymnastics. It's ran by the School so not a 'proper' club but he really enjoys it so I am going to look into it properly when the school club finishes.

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Declan age 9 does

swimming lessons which he loves, he has moved up 4 stages in just 16 lessons
Judo, again which he loves, he has been doing it since he was 5 and he now competes in competitions, he has 3 gold medals one of which he won in the Northern Ireland all schools competition
Running club, again he loves this.
He also sings in the school choir and does this as an afterschool activity.

He used to go to football but wasnt really into it so left, drama classes which again he got a little bit bored with and boxing fit which he did love but the club go cancelled.

He does have a very busy schedule but he loves being kept busy

Monday - choir
Tuesday- rest day
Wednesday - judo and running club
Thursday - Running club
Friday - choir
Saturday- swimming and Judo
Sunday - swimming (every other)

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Hannah is 8.

From 4-7 she only did ballet (with the occasional swim class thrown in)

Last year at aged 7 she did ballet and acro and decided she absolutely loves dance.

This year has been our craziest year yet and she's in Jazz, Ballet, Arco and dance Pak (which does some performances throughout the year). She also auditioned for and got a small role in the Nutcracker performance so from early October to yesterday she was dancing 8 hours a week! Nutcracker is over now thank goodness, I'm tired haha so we'll go back to our normal schedule (dance Weds., Thurs., Saturday and some Sunday's).

My son is 4 and just started JK. We've only got him in swimming right now as I find he's still pretty tired from school.

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