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Eleanor ace
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I don't spend a set amount, they probably get about the same amount for their birthday as they get at Christmas, but their birthdays are all a few months out from Christmas so I don't feel overwhelmed with the influx of toys. Also birthdays tend to include more outside toys. DS and DD1 are at the birthday party age now so I'm going to try to cut back on presents since they get presents from friends at their party, and obviously we spend money on the party.

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I only spend about 50ish? Though it depends what they would like. I prefer days out to be honest.

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I get them around 3-4 gifts for birthdays, but they are at the age where they are having parties with a few friends now, and get a few gifts from them, too, so it ends up being plenty. Both of mine are summer bdays, so it's spaced pretty well from Christmas for getting new things. We also tend to get them outside toys for bdays, like Eleanor Ace mentioned.

I wouldn't worry too much about the guitar thing. Sounds like it's just a starter size, anyways, so if he gets a few years out of it, great. If not, then hold off on getting an upgraded size/nicer quality one until he is older and takes better care of things. I don't think him being only 4 is a reason to not get him one if he truly enjoys music, and playing and singing along to his daddy's guitar. Although, I'd definitely get the cheapest starter one they had, lol.

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I get my boys 1 main present for their birthday and then usually lots of little presents, this year my plan for all of them is cut down on the crappy presents and get them less but better quality ones. My sons birthday is Sunday and he's getting a workbench, some books, a mini skateboard, some toy cars, some art and craft bits and some bristle blocks

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We started off doing a hudget, but i always felt the need to spend it all. So now i just buy what i think they will enjoy. Ds birthday is march, he will be getting a few of the wilko big lego sets and about 12 ( i already have them) of the small 1/2. Some leap reader books, and a power rangers figure and then whatever i pick up between now and then. Every thing i get i know he will love. Most of it will be wilko blox. Thats what he has asked for. Most of it is bought in the sales.

Eta: dd will be 3 in june so again i will just get what i think she will like. But she is more of a glue stick and scissors and bits of paper kind of kid.

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Sarah Lou 80
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Thanks guys. We thought about a ukulele but I've found a 1/4 size guitar for a really good price on eBay so I think we will go down that route.

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Gracie is only 1 but growing up we got pretty much the same on our birthday as Christmas. For Gracie, we plan on getting her one main present, 50 in her savings bank, then a few smaller presents, plus lots of clothes. I actually buy her clothes all year and wrap them for her birthday!

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Originally Posted by Sarah Lou 80 View Post
My boy will be 4 at the end of January. We were initially going to buy him a 1/4 sized guitar as he loves his dad's guitar and is into music and singing. I've also got him a batman figure and will get him a vampire dressing up outfit as this is his new obsession! He's going to have a party at the local soft play place.

OH has now said he doesn't want to get the guitar as he thinks he's too young and won't look after it. He thinks giving him just the batman and vampire cape is enough as he had plenty at Christmas! I don't think he had an excessive amount at Christmas and was grateful and pleased with everything he got and I don't want him being kind of penalised I guess for having his birthday close to Christmas!

So now I'm trying to think of an alternative to the guitar. I really think he will love it though!
Maybe you can get a toy guitar that he can bash and break, as I believe that your Husband may have a point that he will break it.. possibly (my 4 year old is only just learning to grasp the concept of taking care of things to lol ).

Compromise I find helps, so however you can both come to an agreement is the key here.

I personally buy them three things. My Son is 6 in February. I have got him 10 books for 10 (from the works) from his little Sister, a space projector as I know he loves them and that he actually looks after his things unlike his younger sibling (this cost 30) and one more present about 7.

I don't go by price though alot of the time I spend alot less than this, I go by what they want and generally go for the rule as in August my DD will have the same amount of presents to open.. 3

Good Luck! x

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We try to stick to 50 per child, and while they're still young it's manageable. Christmas stockings are extra, but they generally don't cost more than 15 each. My kids don't tend to get presents throughout the year either, but have the things they need. It's a personal preference though; do what's right for your family

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You seem to be really generous. If you really think your kid will like a guitar, try talking to DH about it but you can look for a cheap guitar for babies. It'll be just for training his fingers before he gets the real one in the future.

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