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Mum (Mom)
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I usually say 200 is the limit. Spent a little bit more last birthday as she had a big party but not much.

However that includes things like a day out for her birthday or a party and includes santa presents at Christmas. She doesn't have a lot of family so other than me she gets presents from my mum, grandma and sometimes a present from my brother and sister and that's pretty much it.

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Mum (Mom)
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we dont really have a set amount, it depends on what they have asked for, for example last year Dec was 9 and we spend about 150 on him but the year before he had a massive party, with a magician and dj, we spent 200 alone on the party then maybe another 100-150 on gifts. I think as long as they get something they have asked for it doesnt really matter how much you spend on them

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