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Was your late talker also a late reader?

Violet wasn't a particularly early talker, but once she started, language quickly became a strength. She's 4 now and not reading, but has some really strong pre-literacy skills. She can also recognize a few words and when pushed, can sound out some simple words. I generally don't push her, but suspect that she'll learn to read with relative ease.

My son is 22 months and while he has said possibly more than 20 words, he really isn't talking yet. He has a few words he says on a regular basis, but mostly communicates with non-verbal means and signs. I wonder if reading for him will be a bit more of a challenge as well.

What's your experience with language development compared to reading development with your own kids?

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I know my ds1 was a late talker, he was non verbal at two and picked up around 2.5. I'd say he caught up by 3 though. I don't know how other children are doing compared to him but his teacher said he was reading well at parents evening. He is nearly 5.5 and one of the oldest in his class

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Paige wasn't early to start talking but she picked it up really quickly from about 18/19 months and was ahead of most of her peers by 2.
She is right where she should be with her reading, which is great as she is one of the youngest in her class. She isn't in the top group for reading (some in her class are ridiculously good readers!) but she is at the same stage as the majority and the teacher is happy with no concerns.

eta both of my youngest were extremely quick talkers, especially dd3, so who knows how they will fare when they start school!

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Declan had words but didnt really develop his talking until he was about 3, he had to have speech therapy for a few months when he was 3-4 years old, his school dont start reading until half way through primary one, age 5 (reception in england) by December the same year, age 6 (so about 7-8 months) he was a free reader and could read anything. Now at 9 he has a reading level of 140 (the average for his age being 98).
Daniel was exactly the same as Declan, he had words but didnt develop his talking until about 3-4 year old, Daniel had intense speech therapy, one 1 hour session once a week for 6 months but his reading was average, he didnt read as quickly as Declan, but the difference between my two is that Declan loves reading Daniel didnt. Tbh I think reading is like marmite, they either love it or loathe it and how quickly reading skills develop depends on how much they enjoy it x

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My DS had some speech delay and is a bit behind his peers with his reading in comparison to his peers, though he is one of the youngest in his class (but others who have birthdays around the same time are further ahead on reading levels). He was reading simple books mid way through Reception, so when he was about 4.5.
DD1 (3 years 9 months) was verbal earlier (not early but earlier than DS) and isn't reading yet but recognizes some words and quite a few letters and is getting along with simple decoding.

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Both of my boys started talking after 18+ months, and didn't really pick up a lot of words until 20+ months.

Jaxon also had 2 yrs of speech therapy, preschool and kindergarten. His reading skills are phenomenal. He and 2 other kids in the 1st grade are pulled out of their classes for a special reading group because they are so far above where the rest of the 1st graders are.

Colton is 4, so reading isn't something I expect from him. I read to him. We do letter and number recognition exercises, since he's learning letters right now. Honestly, I don't think he will excel as much with reading as his brother. He'll probably be an average reader, just from the differences I can see in them as far as how easily Jaxon picked up some of these skills vs how much longer it's taking Colton. Which is perfectly fine. Everyone has their own skills.

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My youngest is 4 next month and has extreme speech and language delay, he attends a specially funded nursery where he receives daily therapy to help him. I also had extreme speech delay and really didn't catch on with talking till nearly 7! I got some speech therapy but not a scrape on what he's lucky enough to receive and my reading and writing didn't struggle. I struggled on being able to convey what I meant but not understanding and picking it up.

I have 2 older children who's speech was relatively on track and they haven't picked up reading quickly but now a few years down the line they're finally where they should be pretty much.

What I'm trying to say it's a mixed bag I think and really depends on the child.

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Joshus was a late talker, he didn't start speaking until he was 2.5 years old. He had speech therapy for around a year.

His reading level is very high. He was reading before he started school and was put in the gifted list within a few weeks of starting Reception.

Jacob was a 'normal' talker and his reading level is very good (not as high as Joshua, he couldn't read when he got to school but has picked it up very quickly)

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My son has hyperlexia so hard to tell. My daughter was slower at reading but early talker x

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Thomas started to talk at 18 months but only started talking more in the last year so 4/5. He can't yet read at 5.5 but can recognise certain words like his name, police etc. He will be a later reader as my cousins 4.5 year old has her first reading books from school and can read them.

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