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Looks fine to me, actually her writing is better than my 9 year olds lol

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I teach year 2 and if my class wrote like that I'd be over the moon. Ive had classes where about half of them still can't sit letters on a line or write them the correct way around

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In Germany they have special 3 lined or double lined books that are supposed to help with lines, but I wouldnt worry about that it looks fine.

those books primary kids write in here.

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Haha as a first grade teacher myself I find this teacher to be mildly ridiculous. Is that really preventing her from reading a six year olds writing? She would have a heck of a time in my class. I am able to read and understand some truly interesting writing from my little friends and some have really awful penmanship. But they are SIX...they are working at different levels on their fine motor skills. It would never occur to me to tell a parent they need to make their child write a certain way. I do ask parents to continue to work on writing skills at home, because they get very little practice, but that is for my friends that are struggling to form letters at all.

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