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Paige is in p2 (equivalent to yr1 i think) and just turned 6 at the weekend. Her teacher has mentioned on a couple of occasions that her handwriting, albeit very neat, ia far too small, and that she really struggles to read it sometimes.
How on earth do I get her to write bigger? I stop her if I see her doing it, but she says she likes to write small because its neater... and I can see where she's coming from but she is taking it to the extreme!

I'm hoping its just a matter of her finding her own style, and she will eventually settle at a happy medium where her teacher is happy and also she doesn't feel like she is being made to write in a way that doesn't come naturally to her.

This was her homework the other day, and I have seen her write smaller

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Oh I don't know I'd probably tell the teacher to get over it. They teach the kids to write really large here then as they go up to year 3/4 make them compact it and write smaller! So if she's writing small straight away as long as the letters are formed correctly I can't see what the problem is?

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I think her handwriting looks great!
I went through a phase of writing very tiny when I was little but my writing style changed as I got older. I think the teacher is being rather critical. Her writing is so neat for her age

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I think her printing is fine.

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It's hard to tell from a picture how big her writing is, but it looks like there's a staple in the page, so about half the height of a staple? That is quite tiny and very impressive! Most 6 year olds don't have the fine motor skills for that. I think the teacher just needs to invest in a good magnifying glass. I wouldn't try to encourage her to change her writing. Small and neat writing is the ideal, isn't it?

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Wow, I really wouldn't be concerned about that, her handwriting looks awesome to me! My DS is 5.5 and he works 1:1 with an SEN TA on his handwriting, his writing is really large and his letter formation is poor. Your DD's formation is very regular, her spacing is great, it might be on the small side for her teachers liking but I wouldn't put pressure on her to increase it and risk her developing a lack of confidence in herself over it.
You could try writing a word at the start of the first line and again at the end, as a reminder of the size she's aiming for, if you wanted to.

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By writing that small she is actually showing rather impressive fine motor skills for her age. I seriously think the teacher is just nit picking. It's likely just a phase and she'll start writing bigger as time goes on. Writing too small is not a criticism I've ever heard a teacher level, I would tell the teacher to suck it up if it was me! She's doing great!

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What on earth, it looks fine.
What kind of a teacher moans about writing being too small when all of the letters are perfectly formed?!

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Looks perfect!! Teacher is being rather picky, rather it small and neat than one word taking up half a page

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