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Totally agree with familygirl my son is 3.5 but he wont start school until 5 years 2 months and until then he will not be expected to do any writing whatsoever as his nursery is completely play based unless i do some at home.
They are already bringing up untidy writing at 4! As for sitting a certain way so do i and i didnt think there was anything wrong with me!

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Have to say I find this a little strange on the schools part! My son is 4.5 and in reception and his school have an online learning journal so I can see exactly what they're up to - we get so much praise for his amazing writing and to me it looks a bit scrawly and all spelt wrong and often he forgets his spaces! But to them he's obv doing really well. I think there are children who barely write at all yet. So I don't understand how they can say your son has messy writing isn't that still great for 4 years?!

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Originally Posted by NickyKB View Post
Just thought I'd come back and update. It was a bit of a strange meeting really as I'm still not totally sure if they're concerned about something specific or a collection of individual things. Anyway they're going to refer to ot as his writing isn't very neat and they're wondering if some fine motor work would help. This I understand but do also think as he's 4 and couldn't write at all before he started school it's a bit early for panicking. The other bits are the more confusing part. They also want ot to look at gross motor and core strength elements as 'he tends to sit with his legs to one side and lean on one arm at carpet time rather than legs crossed' he also prefers to stand than sit for phonics classes.

I'm going to see the optician at the weekend to get his eyes checked and have an appointment to see the gp in half term to get referred for a hearing test to see if that's why he gets distracted. Again I couldn't really get a feel for if his level of distraction is particularly worse than other 4 year olds or not. He's just been moved up to the top phonics set and the teacher said he is less focused than the rest of this set but that there are other similar kids in other sets. Academically they aren't concerned but clearly they're concerned enough to have wanted to bring it up so I'm just more confused really. Also I think the teacher could've anticipated some of my questions that she didn't know for example they're concerned he mutters at times which I think he does especially when he's not feeling confident. It was his turn at show and tell the week before the meeting so I asked if he'd muttered during that but she didn't know as she hadn't been there and hadn't found out how he'd done. Also having said they were concerned about gross motor she couldn't tell me how he was doing in football lessons...

I guess I wait and see what ot says and take it from there.
The gross motor and fine motor things are definitely something the teachers can pick up on fairly quickly if the child needs more work to develop those skills. Most of the kids in the preschool will not have had any previous experience writing, so they are all working from a basepoint of zero skill. They may be noticing him having trouble gripping the pencil/crayon correctly, etc, which OT can really help with. My 4 yr old has fine motor issues, too, that we are working on. he wasn't referred, but they did mention at conferences that its something we need to work with him to strengthen, expecially before he starts kindergarten in the fall.

Overall, it doesn't sound like any of the issues are too serious, and probably some tips from an OT will be really helpful to strengthen his motor skills.

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