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Parent pay account and consent

Elijahs school now operate using parent pay and accept no cash in school. As the school is in an affluent area they receive very little funding and ask for a lot of 'voluntary' contributions for supplies. When it comes to trips and workshops, we have to pay via parent pay and tick the consent box on parent pay. It's always said that it's a voluntary contribution and no child will be left out but if they don't receive enough funds then the trips/workshops won't be able to take place which is fair enough. My question is, if you have to pay to give your consent, then isn't this taking the 'voluntary' part away because everybody wants their child to take part but not everybody can afford it every time. In order to give consent you have to tick the box then pay. I find this a bit unfair. Has anyone else wondered this? Is there a way to give consent to take part without paying? I've given some of the contributions so far, I just wonder if children of families who can't afford it are going to be penalised as they won't be able to give consent Xx

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our school does that too - 'voluntary' contributions, at times we haven't been able to afford it and it makes me feel guilty. They then complained that they had been left out of pocket for swimming lessons.

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My eldest school is with parent pay and my other child is 'home contact' and that's the same, I would always pay anyways but I see your point

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Our school uses parent pay and does the voluntary payment thing, and although we have to tick the permission box when we pay, our school always asks for written permission too. We fill in the paper slip and send it back, therefore rendering the online permission part kind of obsolete.

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