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Intrinsically motivated to do chores - how long does this last?

Hello, so Violet is 4 and I've never had super high expectations of her when it comes to chores. However, she has started volunteering to do things. She helps put groceries away and also helps me sort laundry. I don't do any laundry during the week, so by the weekend, we have quite a bit to do. This is especially true if there is any unsorted laundry leftover from the previous weekend! For the last bunch of weeks, she has volunteered to help with 100% of the loads I've sorted. She even actively asks to do it throughout the week and gets disappointed when I say no. She was also upset when she found out that I sorted a basket of laundry without her. Today, she was doing something to the window and it needed to be cleaned. She's never cleaned windows before, so I taught her how. She then went on to clean the windows in the living room and her bedroom. At bedtime, she asked about when she can start helping to take care of the house. I talked about how she is helping to take care of the house and I reassured her that she could continue to do so and expressed my appreciation.

So, I know the typical pattern is for kids to be happy to help in the beginning and then not so much after a while. So what was it like with your kids? For your kids, when did chores become such a... chore!

P.S. She did volunteer to do some "chores" as a toddler (food prep, and feed the cat mostly), but I didn't exactly encourage those because it was more work for me than help. Now that she's older, her help is real help and I genuinely appreciate it. I'm hoping that makes this last longer than the toddler help phase!

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My seven year old will pretty much do any chore I ask her to, she does many as a matter of course like clearing her plate from the table. She has been this way since about 3/4. Hope it lasts for you

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I think you're a lucky parent who got a child who is naturally motivated to do chores. Some children are never willing to do them. My 6 y/o dd has never willingly helped out with chores. Her 2 y/o brother, however, always wants to help and always likes everything in its place.

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Every kid is different. She may always be helpful. My older son is pretty good about doing any chores I ask him to do, and willing to learn new chores to help out. My younger son whines about every little thing I ask him to do. Total opposites.

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I think it can be a balance between the kids motivation and the parents expectations.

Eg. There are somethings we expect M to do. Put away toys, put dirty clothes in laundry, clear his meal dishes and put in the sink. He does these without any objections. Then lately he's started asking to dust and wipe down some of the furniture and he's also started making his bed.

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My 2.5 year old is very into helping me and doing chores.
She puts cans into the recycling bin, puts food waste into the food bin and nappies in the nappy bin (yes iv alot of bins) she will do this every single time and if i put food in thr normal bin she gives me into trouble haha.
Her brother on the otherhand has no interest in this and moans alot if i try and get him to put his leftovers in the bin.
She gets the pullups out for nightime and chooses her and her brothers pjamas.
She sprays down and wipes the table after eating (got her her own spray bottle with water inside)
Her brother doesnt want to do any of this.
I think some kids just really enjoy helping and cleaning she might decide to keep at it until shes a grumpy teen or it could fizzle out, id just keep encouraging it.

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