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Pocket Money

Our daughter has started collecting fashems, mashems, blind bags, shopkins - any cheap tat she can really! Weve been saying No each time we go out or at least trying to!! OH find this hard! She only really has toys at Birthday & Christmas & always pays her birthday / Christmas money in the bank so we've been thinking maybe it's time to start pocket money so she can earn money either to save or use for what she wants (plastic tat)

Was thinking five chores each week 1 a chore?!

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My boys started getting pocket money when they started school, this was when they really started asking for stuff. We started of on 5 a week (we didnt ask them to do chores, but that was our choice everyone is different) our youngest went up to 10 a week last year.
Our eldest is 19 and he still gets pocket money from his nanny lol

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Our kids each have a responsibility chart with 7 things on it (it varies from make bed to stop whining). We change some of the responsibilities out each week and some tend to stay the same. At the end of the night they do their responsibility charts and get 5 cents per task completed. The money they earn is their pocket money I suppose though my eldest does NOT spend her money haha.

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How old are the children?

I have been thinking about this this week but I do think they should be helping a bit, I'm sick of their bedroom so I've already told them that I am starting pocket money and for each time they do not make their beds and their bedroom is in an unreasonable state I will deduct.... when I say unreasonable I mean the kind they will break their necks on if they got up middle of night for a wee

I am also setting some light chore, I'm going to make them optional and if they do them this will add to their pocket money.

Chart is the plan.

Oh and I'm deducting for mornings when they kinda kill each other getting ready for school ... that **** got to stop ha!

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We are quite a few years away from having to implement this with our daughter, but we plan to do what my parents did with me. I always had chores that were expected of me and I didn't get any sort of payment for doing them (basic stuff like cleaning my room, putting away my laundry, putting my dirty dishes in the dishwasher, etc). If I wanted some money for something I would then ask my parents for additional tasks above and beyond my typical chores and I would get paid for those extra tasks, things ranged from bathing the dog to painting the fence depending on how much money I was asking for.

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