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move begin or end of summer--better for kids?

Your opinions please.... 8 year old child involved -moving out of state.

would it be better to go beginning of summer and hope she meets some kids she might go to school with during summer


go at end of summer and settle in before school starts at new school.


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We moved around a lot when I was a kid, and I always felt better when I got used to the area and settled in before having to start school right away. So I would say beginning of summer. And hopefully your daughter will be able to make some friends before starting at a new school.

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I think it depends what type of area you are moving to. Is it a more urban area where she'll have plenty of kids in the nieghborhood? Or more rural area, where she may be bored all summer with no one she knows, and no kids nearby? That makes a big difference. We moved to a rural area when I was little, and there were NO kids nearby. Summers sucked, until I could drive to go visit my friends.

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I honestly don't think it really matters , I'd choose the time more convenient and easier for you to do the move. My brother moved in October from the states to Canada with his 6 yrs old son, and just few days back they moved from one city to another in Canada and his child will start a new school school again.

I moved my boy after the winter break to a new school after 3.5 yrs in the same school, he was worried about making new friends but now after 4-5 weeks from starting he seems fine & loving his new school.

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When I was 8, my family moved from New Hampshire to Oregon (about 3,000 miles). We moved at the end of the summer and I started school pretty much as soon as we moved into a house. It worked out fine. However, I imagine it would be easier on a kid to get used to one change at a time. In other words, it might be easier to get used to a new house and place to live and THEN get used to a new school. However, for others that creates more stress because the more time they have to think about it, the more they're anxious. For people like this it's best to just get all the changes out of the way as soon as possible - therefore moving at the end of the summer would be best. Think about what kind of kid your kid is and whether it would be better to spread the changes out or cram them together. You could also speak with your child directly about this.

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