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1-2 was a breeze for me compared to going from 2-3!

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1-2 was hard for me.

I planned for baby and prepared dd for his arrival. I felt fairly confident (ish!!) with the baby stuff and thought I would manage.

I did manage!! But some days it felt just like "managing". I hadn't anticipated that I'm not brilliant at multitasking whilst dd is chatting away and ds is trying to leap off the sofa (upside down!). I also invested dd in a few too many activities whilst ds was little - she loves swimming, gymnastics and ballet. However, keeping an 18 month old entertained when he can't join in at those activities is very different to keeping a baby in my arms. And dd loves them all so it seems unfair to make her stop now.

We don't have family support though so I do it all myself when oh is at work.

My advice would be to be prepared. Batch cook meals. Get a sling for the early days. Have a shower when #1 is in bed in the evening & someone else can have baby for half an hour. Prepare sandwiches for lunch the night before. Do internet shopping. Get a list of local parks - the outdoors is your friend when either of your kids is unsettled.

And never expect too much from yourself!! Be kind

& don't read this post & think it's not also wonderful! It is wonderful!!! It's just hard work too at times.

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Like some of the others I found 1-2 easy and 2-3 brutally hard! In the first months, even the first year, for me it comes down to how well the baby sleeps. It's so hard to function and pay proper attention to your other kids when baby has you up all night.

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