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Pocket money

Hey guys.

I have started writing up a chore list for my 4 and 6 year old, simple tasks but something just so they start taking responsibilty and helping around the house, my question is what would you guys say would be a reasonable amount of weekly pocket money for their age groups?

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I am just about to give my eldest (6)pocket money for the first time today. I plan on just giving her £5 per week. I don't have any set chores for her, but she is expected to keep her room tidy, put her dirty clothes in the machine, clear plates /cups as she finishes etc.

I don't plan on giving the othee two pocket money until they are at school, so around 5. They wouldn't appreciate it just now whereas my 6yr old definitely will.

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We've just started pocket money as DS (5.5) has got a bit money obsessed ans asks for lots of stuff, so I'm hoping to help him learn about budgeting for things he wants and that when he's spent his money its gone.
We're doing £4 a week for him and £3 a week for DD1, although I'm not sure whether we'll stick with pocket money for DD1 as she's a bit young yet (she's 4 in April but she doesn't have much concept of the value of money so it seems pretty pointless).

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We've just started as we have a reward chart and ds was getting a present every time he hit a star on his chart. As he often asks for other stuff too we thought it would be a good idea to just give him the money then he can get stuff he wants if he can afford it. If not he has to wait and save. We're giving £3.50 every 7 squares (so roughly once a week). Figured this would buy a peppa magazine and a packet of sweets. So far though he just keeps banging on about barman lego so he might be a bit young to grasp this concept! But in answer to your question, £3.50

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Mine are 8 & 9 and really have only just started the set pocket money stage although i have gave them pennies for various reasons over time or when we go out give them x amount for the zoo shop etc etc

They are responsible for their rooms. If they don't keep it a basic tidy and make their beds in mornings I deduct 50p each day (I share custody with their Dad so it's based on 3 or 4 nights a week alternative. Clear their plates and I get them to help me with light house work... polishing, hoovering, sweeping kitchen floor. Behaviour is also apart of their pocket money.

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