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5th summer birthday party ideas

My daughter really wants a birthday party this year. She will be 5years old on August 2nd. She will probably invite about 20 kids from her class.
Now as it's in the 6 week summer holidays will most people go away so can't make it so do I do it early before they break up mid July or after they go back to school in September.

Then what type of party should I do. Risk doing something outside or stick to a hall venue.

Many thanks in advanced for advice

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Hannah is a July baby and we've always had her birthday around it's actual date. And generally most everyone comes (which surprises me every time haha!). July can be quite hot and humid here so we generally have an indoor party. 3 years it was different princesses, last year it was at a play place and I'm not sure what we'll do this year. My favorite was probably her second birthday that was a garden theme and all the kids planted a flower (outside haha).

My son's birthday is in May and we sometimes have an outdoor party, depends on the weather. I prefer the outside parties tbh. But I generally prefer the outdoors anyways!

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My kids both have summer birthdays, and we usually always do outdoor parties to take advantage of all the fun summer stuff the kids can do outside. Water balloons, sprinkler, pool, water guns, bouncy house, etc. It's only rained once, and it actually held out until right after they played outside; started raining when we went in to cut the cake.

I wouldn't worry too much about trying to do it early or later to accomodate people on vacations. I haven't ever found that to be a huge hindrance to the party. Sure, there were plenty of kids who couldn't come due to vacations. They had good friends who were able to come, though, and they had a blast. Sometimes not having a ton of kids is a good thing, because it's not as overwhelming when they are playing.

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I would do it early. The don't usually break up until near the end of July so I would do it in July. My daughters friends birthday is in August and hardly anyone came to it which was really sad and annoying. I worked a night shift the night before and still managed to be there with my LO so it annoyed me other people didn't bother.

My LOs birthday is right after halloween so I purposely postponed her party for a week so more kids would come we only had 1 child that couldn't make it out of 25.

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