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Party for ten yr old girl

Can anyone suggest a cheap birthday treat or party or something for a ten yr old girl?
She wants a swimming party but it's too expensive and half her friends can't swim!
We're really skint.., our bank accounts in minus numbers so we'll have to put it on the credit card. I know that's bad, but I can't let my daughter down on her birthday
A friend of mine suggested a jewellery making party so I'd just have to buy beads but my husband thinks that would be boring?


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plan some free games musical statues sleeping lions hide and seek might be a little young actually for 10 but they still love that kind of thing painting colouring competitions
get some pound shop toys for the winners
get some asda smart price party food balloons

doesn't have to cost much

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That's really helpful thank you!

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T shirt painting? Get some cheap t shirt from primark

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My daughter would love that kind of party! Maybe you could also do decorate your own cupcakes and some games to fill the time? You could bake your own cupcakes and have a few different things they could put on it?

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Beads are expensive. If it was warm enough (probably not since you're asking in March), I'd suggest something like water balloons and water pistols in the back yard. As for your husband thinking it sounds boring, what does your daughter think? It's her party after all. Here's a fairly cheap suggestion: tie dye. All you need to do is buy the dye and some rubber bands. The guests can bring their own stuff to tie dye.

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What about a sleepover party? They can be done pretty cheaply.

Buy some cheese & tomato pizzas for tea and get them to add toppings - ham, peppers, sweet corn etc.

Make & decorate cupcakes or biscuits for pudding.

Pile loads of blankets and pillows in front of the telly and put a film on, popcorn and chocolates optional!

Make pancakes for brekky.

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