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It's Time For the Lunch Box Police to Back Off

The lunch box police (aka teachers) are getting way out of hand with their 'red food' sad face notes. It makes a kid feel awful and doesn't change a thing.

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My kids arent in public school (#ThankGodForHomeschool) but i do know they are VERY picky on homemade snacks due to allergies.

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Our schools pretty easy going on foods in packed lunch like chocolate, crisps etc, I guess cause parents here are quite good at putting healthy things in packed lunches too.

Apart from things which can cause allergies. We have a student who has a serious allergy to nuts and fish, so neither are allowed in packed lunches. Though I'm not sure what they do on Fridays as school dinner's always some type of fish on fridays and apparently just bing in a room that fish has been causes her to go into anaphylactic shock.

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My son came home with a snickers in his bag the other day, apparently it was another child's birthday and their parent thought it was a good idea to give them all a snicker!! I'm quite easy going with food but i think that's a big no no

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My daughter's school seem to be quite laid back. Children are even allowed to take in a birthday cake around their birthday and all the class have a piece

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Our schools are pretty ridiculous with this, unfortunately. Jaxon buys lunch, so I haven't had to deal with it personally, but I have friends who have had notes sent home about specific packed items not being "healthy" enough. Who are they to judge? LOL. Many of the lunches they serve themselves are hardly fantastic when it comes to health standards. They are just ok. Just funny the double standard on them sending notes home about packed lunches, but what they serve is just fine.

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My daughters both have hot dinners, one at nursery has what she's given. The one at school can choose.....most days she makes good choices but I have had her come home to tell me she had plain pasta, potatoes and bread once for lunch! She'd love to take a packed lunch but as school dinners are free for her for now I won't let her!

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I think my children's school is fairly strict on what children take in their packed lunches. I got a message once (via DS) that he wasn't supposed to have chocolate as it is unhealthy and said chocolate was sent back with him. It was 2 mini eggs and I thought that was overkill considering a) it was the only time he'd had chocolate in his lunch box and was a treat, and personally I think treats now and then are totally fine! and b) they have pudding every lunchtime if they have school dinners and this 3x a week it is cake and custard, often something with chocolate.

It is definitely important to make sure children have good nutrition but I don't think it is fair to make the child feel bad if they have something which isn't allowed, as presumably they're not the ones packing their lunch.

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