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Slapped cheek - school policy on informing all parents of an outbreak?

Do they? Should they? What's your schools policy? Ours doesn't inform non pregnant families... is this the norm??

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Our school puts a notice in the classroom window if there is something going round. At the moment we have one about scarlet fever.

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My school doesn't do anything, sometimes it goes in our newsletter but that would usually be too late to be of any use to parents, most of them find out through word of mouth. My sons school is the same

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Mine all caught it right at the start of the summer holidays. Was when we got back to school we discovered half the kids in school (if not more) also caught it! Thing is with viruses like slapped cheek is that the incubation period is before any symptoms. As soon as rash comes, it is no longer contagious. So the spread cannot be predicted or prevented. The whole time my kids have been in school, the only thing we have ever been notified about is head lice. Even when a significant portion of the kids got chicken pox, we only knew from other parents.

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We've only found out about school illnesses from other parents. Nursery usually have a sign up about contagious illnesses.

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