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What do you do while your children play?

Mine have never played much by themselves, but recently I've been trying to encourage it more and it seems to be working. I'm just wondering what you do while they're playing? Just being nosy really. Obviously whilst they're playing in the house I can't go the gym, shopping or just out like I might pre children! I do like tv but I don't want to distract/ set a bad example!

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When this situation arises (which is not very often as my 16 month old can be demanding),I will either go on my phone, read a book, ring my parents for a chat or more likely do house chores. My 4 year old can play on his own
really well but often likes me to watch him play!

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My eldest two girls are pretty good at playing/arguing together now. I mostly clean or cook if they are occupied or I am feeding the baby etc. They like to know I am there and often want input from me so I can't do much but I do go on my phone/ watch 5 mins of tv if I have time.

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My 16 month old is really good at playing by herself, so I usually clean, cook, or exercise when she is keeping herself occupied. I have free weights in the living room so I will put a YouTube workout on or a yoga video and do that while she is playing. She does like to get involved in the workout though so I often end up squatting or lunging while holding a giggling baby or having her rolling around underneath me while doing downward dog.

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I'm so not used to this that I never use the time properly!! I either end up just sitting and watching them or I try to catch up on my TV programs (I can't remember the last time I actually watched something as it came on the TV and not as a recording) but I can never get into a decent program as they end up interrupting so it's usually just some reality tv

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I do really boring things like clean or cook dinner, or make the shopping list for the week, or organise my schedule, or sometimes I return emails or do a bit of work. I work full-time though, so there's very little downtime or time to get anything around the house done, so when I have a minute of peace, that's usually what I'm doing. Nothing very exciting!

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Mine don't really play by themselves... my eldest will occasionally for about 10 minutes lol.

In that time I end up just endlessly scrolling through the same old rubbish on fb or cleaning which I seem to do 24/7 !

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I usually go and hang some washing up, iron or start preparing the next meal.

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Go on the computer, clean, probably yard work now that the weather is getting nice, cook... I guess whatever you'd normally do around the house.

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Do house work, go online, sometimes watch TV.
Thats about it really.

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