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My 15 year old son came out yesterday

My 15 year old son came out yesterday and it was something on his mind.He came out being transgendered,feels he is really a girl from the inside.I accepted it right away and told him that I still love him.Was so relieved I accepted this and knows he has support from me.I knew there was something wrong and he was not ready at the time to come out.Worst part was his dad rejecting him and being told out of his dad's life.Teared up and told him I will always love him.We hugged as well.I did get a business card of a therapist that deals with this from a friend of mine.Going to call tomorrow to set an appointment.

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He is so lucky to have such a kind and accepting mum, you should be very proud of yourself and him.

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First off how proud must you be of your boy ! That's such a brave and life changing decision to tell someone especially at his age .

His dad rejecting him is awful but he's got you to support him and his dad will be the one that will miss out on so much in the end . Although he may come around given time .

I wish you both the best of luck with the future ! Xx

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this must be a really shocking thing to find out! im sorry that dad is being so cruel... hopefully he will come around.

your son, now daughter(!!) is lucky to have a suportive parent.

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That must of took so much courage to tell you. You must off created a lovely open home life for him to be able to open up to you. You should be proud. Some sadly bottle it up and struggle alone. I remember coming out to my parents at that age. My mum was like you and was actually relieved thats all it was. She had to talk my dad around just took him a bit longer to adjust as he was a bit shocked and not as open minded at the time. It all worked out in the end. Just give it time x

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