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Yes, it's normal. Especially if the kids are in the midst of playing, thinking about having their rain gear done up properly is the furthest thing from their mind. Just keep reminding her every time she comes in soaking wet, complaining of being wet and cold, that if she'd take the 30 seconds to zip/button her jacket up, she'd be much drier. Eventually it'll sink in.

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Yes. Before she goes out, talk to her about doing it up so she doesn't get wet. Then when she refuses and complains about being soaked, tell her "remember when I asked you to do up your coat? This is why. If you leave your coat open, you will get soaked." Then the next time she gets her coat on to go outside, you can remind her, "remember how you got soaked last time? Lets do up your coat so that doesn't happen this time." That kind of talking can help, but she might also decide that she doesn't care if she gets soaked. Or it might take a few times before she decides to comply... or she might need to feel like it's her idea to do it, but talking about consequences during a consequence and before the consequence can be helpful.

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Sophie played outside during the early stages of cyclone cook hitting us. Kids love rain!

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