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Originally Posted by justmeinlove View Post
I am profoundly unenthused by the notion, especially after reading the other thread about upset little people having to go. Neither of us are at work atm so I think all it is going to take is one unsympathetic teacher telling me I have to leave my daughter whilst she is upset for us to be home schooling for a year.

Which would be somewhat pesky having just spent a fair bit of money on school uniform, but I'll pull that lever if I get pushed to it!
I feel the same. Hopefully my little one will love it but she's been with me and her sister for three years and to make her go for five days a week will be a huge shock to her. I know a fair few home edders who are keeping theirs at home until 7. I have considered it but my girl is a sociable learner so probably benefit being at school. However if it's not for her, I'll be pulling her straight out.

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