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5 year old keeps getting assaulted at school

My 5 yo dd has been assaulted at school three times by the same girl in the space of one week. First the girl punched her in the stomach, this was in response to my daughter being asked by the teacher to tell the other children that it was time for assembly. The second was she approached my dd a scratched her arm for no reason . Today she approached her and spat in her face. My daughter told me she told the teacher every time and the other girl had to say sorry.

First what kind of child does this?
Should the teacher bring this to my attention?
Should I speak to teacher about it?
What action should I expect?


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Old Sep 14th, 2017, 15:23 PM   2
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I'm sorry but this is totally unacceptable I would be going straight to the headteacher for this to be resolved . She may only be five but she knows right from wrong and not to do those things !

The teacher should defiantly have brought this to your attention and I would have to have a word with it about it all.

I would want the teachers to keep a closer eye if possible on them over the next few weeks and see if it settles.

In the meantime I would just tell DD to keep away from her , tell the teacher and also you if she does anything else .

Hope it get resolved soon x

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I would encourage you to speak with the teacher. Having been a teacher, you have to realize some children come from homes where they are told to hit back, yet in the classroom they are told not to hit each other. This other child maybe being bullied at home and so she maybe taking it out on your child. Encourage your child to speak up for herself and to tell the teacher. Being honest when my children would come home and tell me that a particular child keeps hitting them and they have told the teacher, I have been guilty of telling them to hit back. Because sometimes you say enough is enough. Some children are picked on because they are shy or timid. But again go address your concerns to the teacher.

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Old Sep 15th, 2017, 15:06 PM   4
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Definitely speak to the teacher. I would expect them to inform me of this behaviour. Hope your DD is okay

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I'd like to think the teacher would inform me about this kind of thing. But really I think it's something they try to curb in the classroom so as not to cause arguments with parents.
I would definitely go and speak to the teacher about it. Getting the child to say sorry is clearly not working if she's continuing to do it. I'd also want to know if the parent of the child that did it was informed. I'd most definitely want to know if my child was being a bully so I could try to correct it!

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As a teacher and parent myself sometimes the way things are said back to adults are very different to what actually happened in the classroom - not to excuse the punching but the scratch or spitting in the face both could have happened by accident. Also as pp said there also could be reasons for behaviour, not many SEN children come into school with a diagnosis or additional hours support and the teacher could be struggling to cope with a child with additional needs.

I'm not saying you shouldn't speak to the class teacher though as I would have done so myself.

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Old Sep 17th, 2017, 18:23 PM   7
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Can you teach your daughter to deal with this girl on her own? As in, tell her to ask the girl to stop if she's doing something she doesn't like? I really don't think there's any age that's too young to learn to deal with problems on their own.
I also think it's acceptable to tell your girl to push this other girl away if she continues hurting her. I'm sure others will disagree, obviously up to you what you feel is appropriate.

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Old Sep 17th, 2017, 18:59 PM   8
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I would go straight to the Head of the school. This is NOT good enough and you should have been informed!

My eldest had dealt with on bully in particular all year and all those were, at the time, minor and didn't involve any physical interactions. He'd be spoken to on many an occasion about his treatment towards my son. He got to the point where his behaviour was affected and he left his teacher in tears because he attacked her as well as his social interactions suffering and his school work. The last straw with my eldest was last year where one kid had kicked him with so much force in the belly that the GP contacted ED at my local hospital and had surgery on standby if he went down hill - radiology were also on call for an emergency ultrasound. Thankfully, the first 72 hours he got through at home and we didn't need the emergency services. He was sore, tender, had slight internal bruising and had a severely bruised abdomen for weeks though afterwards. He was on a lot of anti-inflammatory and pain relief to help. The child in question was expelled. So, as a parent who had a situation of severe bullying last year (I suspect it was in regards to DS's weight because he is a chubby kid but he's just a gentle giant), go straight to the top and don't back down until it's taken seriously and resolved to your satisfaction. If that can't or won't be done, get your local Police involved and file charges.

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My son's school would most definitely have made me aware of this (were my child either the victim or the perpetrator). I would be making an appointment to discuss with the teacher first and if you don't like the answers you get from him/her, take it further.

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Old Sep 19th, 2017, 07:51 AM   10
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The school should definitely brought this to your attention!

I too learnt quickly how young some horrid children can be. My youngest was assaulted in the toilets, girl came behind her pulled her hair and hit her. I took her out of the school (admittedly it wasn't my own concern with the then new school). I just didn't expect that at 6 years old!

I hope you get it resolved x

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