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School and banned foods

Has the school your children go to banned any foods? If so, which ones and what do you do if your child doesn't have school dinners?
Ours has banned the usual crisps and sweets, and peanuts, nuts, egg and celery due to alergies. Of course eggs and nuts are in so many things that lend themselves well to packed lunches and my kid has just developed an obsession with peanut butter on celery sticks.
Does your school inspect lunch packs?

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At my DS1's school he's starting at in about 6 weeks and at the kindy he currently goes to, they have a nut ban. We don't get school dinners in NZ, so everyone has to pack a lunch. At first I thought it was silly that the non-allergic kids couldn't have a peanut butter sandwich, but the more I thought about it, the more I actually agree with the ban. There are allergic kids there who can have a reaction just by sitting next to someone who's eating nuts, so no matter how ridiculous it seems, it makes perfect sense in reality to ban them. Imagine if it was your child who was allergic, you'd be terrified to send them to school!

I don't think they inspect lunches at his kindy and school, so much as if they notice you're sending peanut butter sandwiches or nut bars, they will have a word to you. I wouldn't risk it, you really wouldn't want to have another child's life on your hands. Your DD can eat peanut butter at home to her heart's content - she will cope with not having it at school.

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Seems over the top! Nuts are banned from the school which I totally understand, Caitlin loves PB but she can have it at home. Seems a little OTT and I've neve
r heard of eggs being banned.

The general crisps etc is the parents choice IMO and if they tried to tell me what my child could have for lunch I'd be having words; I'm the parent tyvm... when you say sweets do you include a little cake or biscuit? On my lazier days mine will have sandwich, crisps, fruit, yog and a small lunchbox size cake/biscuit!

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As far as im aware, our school does not have a nut or celery ban. Definitely not an egg ban as that was actually on todays hot dinner menu.
Only thing ours arent allowed is sweets/chocolate in packed lunches or fizzy juice.

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Only thing not allowed in my daughters school is fizzy juice. Everything else is fine. Sweets, crisps, cakes, chocolate, you name it, the kids take it.

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That would drive me crazy and seems unreasonable. I understand some kids have allergies, but at a certain point it may be better just to have those kids eat separately. I would rather my child eat separately anyway to avoid risk if she had an allergy.

Eggs, celery... really?! I even understand the nuts but the rest is ridiculous imo.

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I'm not sure if anything is banned at Maria's school. They all have school dinners, no packed lunches, but those that have longer days (5+ hours I think) are allowed to bring a snack for the afternoon and it just suggests bringing some bread or fruit but there's no ban list. Maybe they give more information once your child starts having longer days, dunno.

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only fizzy drinks here

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The only thing banned her is nuts which I understand and I don't send in food with nuts.

Last year I did receive notes from both kids classes advising us of the allergies (to be made aware and to try not to send in stuff with that in it but it was not a ban). Between the kids we had egg, nut, shellfish, fish, and dairy. I kept with no nuts but if I adhered to that list my kids would have nothing to eat!

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We have the same bans as you. There are severely allergic kids in the school and if kids don't wash their hands properly after eating eggs or nuts they can have a very serious reaction.
We struggled at the beginning as my DS would only eat peanut butter sandwiches but we've got a couple of sandwiches we can give him plus his fruit and yoghurt.

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