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Mine love helping but I'v not been keen on giving my girls a knife for chopping... I think mostly because my eldest is so clumsy. It is something I plan to start more with them.

They make their own toast and sandwiches if I have time for the snail speed

They are 8 & 9. The things they have done over time is layer lasagne, grate cheese (those you buy that has a handle to spin are great for kids rather than sliding their hands over a grater), make bread (50p bread mixes from Tesco) and anything that goes in the mixer.

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Mum (Mom)
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My 4 and 2 year old love cooking. We do a lot of baking. They also help me make things like soup, I chop the veg and they put it in a pan. If I'm doing a tray bake type thing they help me layer it. They are never allowed to touch the oven but I do let me 4 year old stir things by standing on a chair under strict supervision. It's a life skill I want them to learn.

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Mine is 4 and can do easy things like bread dough (if I put the ingredients out and tell her how much of what to put in, then help with the mixing and kneading as required, as she can't really properly knead a large loaf for the family), cake (just have to put up with the odd egg going on the floor), chop softer veg and fruit with a butter knife, put stuff in pots or trays, use mixer to whip egg whites, grate cheese, peel carrots if we do it together and I have a hold on the peeler. I let her stir the pot if I'm right there watching. I don't let her near the oven or anything that might spit on the hob. She is desperate to use a proper knife, but I'm not keen on risking having to talk about in in A&E so I only let her do that if we are using it together and I'm holding the knife, too. She'd also love to season a whole raw chicken, but I can't bear the thought yet (as she tends to put her hands in her mouth a lot).

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My Ds (7) makes scrambled egg independently (with no one else in the kitchen) and has done since he was 6. He'd always been interested in cooking and I'd let him help me out often, we'd made scrambled eggs together for years when he eventually asked me to please leave him to it. We watch GBBO and every couple of weeks choose one of the recipes and bake it together, I have to say Pru's mini chocolate rolls were very sweet!

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