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My son loves it. Every year my cousin does a Halloween party and we take all the kids out trick and treating. We go to houses that are decorated and if no one answers we move on we don't keep knocking. I always make sure that Thomas says thank you. He really enjoys it and also loves giving sweets to children who comes to my cousins house. We don't do it at home as where I live it's mainly elderly people.

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I absolutely hate it. Cannot stand it and do not agree with it. Tapping on doors of someone you know is "okay" but around here kids just tap on any old door and usually unaccompanied by parents. My kids have never been and personally I will never take them. If OH wants to he will but he doesn't really agree with it either. To me, it's very much a form of begging and it's terrible how greedy some of the kids are.

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I don't like it. Luckily it's not the done thing in NZ. I see it as an American thing that people try to copy. In the area I live the local school school has a Halloween party for the kids so in the four years we've lived here I think we've only had one door knock on Halloween. People also don't decorate their houses for Halloween here, it's just not a thing.

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Don't like it personally. I don't take my two out to do Trick or Treating. Usually one of my friends do a halloween party so we go round there instead, or our local pub put on a kids halloween party. This year, our friend is having housewarming / halloween party so we'll be going there this year. His house is called Sleepy Hollow so it's perfect for Halloween!

I actually love Halloween, I love dressing up & doing pumpkins etc. I prefer it over Christmas but I just don't like Trick or Treat!

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I think its a bit of harmless fun. I did it as a child and ive always taken my own. We only go for about an hour, round my mums street mainly, as soon as its dark. I live in the same area i grew up in so its also nice in that respect-to see familar faces. We only go to decorated houses.
Since i moved house 10 years ago we havent had a single trick or treater and i miss that part

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I don't like it and probably won't let Rio go trick or treating. How can I tell him not to take sweets from strangers then take him knocking on people's doors asking for sweets? My dad never allowed me to, he used to call it begging. But we did buy sweets for the people who knocked our door, and I do that too. I just don't think I'm comfortable with my boys doing it. If they want sweets I'll buy them some.

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i hate it, it makes me feel so uncomfortable! luckily DD was at her dad's last year and he took her out trick or treating where he lives, but I've got her this year and I'm dreading it because i don't know if ill get away with not doing it i think ill maybe take her to my mum's, sister's and my sister's in-laws and hope that's enough for her.

knocking on doors and having people knocking on mine makes me sooo anxious, i'm pathetic sometimes

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I looove it! We always did it as kids and we do it with Lucas now, the three of us get dressed up! I love it when the little ones knock. When we go out knocking we tape all our leftover sweets to the door or leave them in a big pumpkin on the step. It's great because when we get back there's always a ton of kids grabbing for the sweets
We'll be living in a new area this Halloween and I'll be gutted if they don't do trick or treating there.

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Originally Posted by lau86 View Post
I don't like it. My mum didn't let us growing up (I think she saw it as begging), so I guess that has stayed with me. I don't let my children, they have never asked luckily. I will tolerate people coming to the door and give sweets but I would be happier if it just went away
Exactly this was never allowed growing up and havent let my DD. my neighbours asks us every year to pop over and do trick or treat but its just not my thing. X

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We have always done it, but like you we only go to houses that have a pumpkin or decorations, as they are obviously inviting the kids to their door. I do make up some bags for kids if they knock on our door but don't put up any decs or anything. We live just outside a pretty big scheme so plenty of houses to go to and always see loads of other kids out too x

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