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I never cared to trick or treat at strangers houses. Even as a kid I loved the church harvest festival and trunk or treat. So we do similar activities. My husband on the other hand loves it so will likely take DS out for a bit to trick or treat.

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I've always experienced trick or treating and my girls enjoy it too. We do only go to houses with their outside lights on though. When we go out we also make sure to leave our candy bin outside so that kids can get something from our house while we are out and about.

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I was never allowed do it as a child, never asked.

We did take DDs last year as so many homes here go all out and were very welcoming. We only knocked on doors with decorations then came home (we have never had them on our road as its a dead end road)
I explained to DD1 its only once a year on a special day and you must say thank you. I will put an age limit on it though. Once they are over 10 I think that's enough. They certainly wouldn't go unattended.

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