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Sleep issues after starting school

So my DS started school a few weeks ago. He's generally a good sleeper apart from needing me to lie with him whilst he goes to sleep and waking up early in the morning-we had plenty of 5.30 wake up times over the summer. I was hoping that he would start sleeping longer after starting school due to being so tired but we seem to have gone a bit awry. He likes to delay each stage of the bedtime routine but previously would only take about 15 minutes to get to sleep. He's taking bloody ages now though and tosses and turns for a long time before finally falling asleep. He hasn't really been sleeping in any longer and sometimes wakes in the night requiring me to lie with him. I ended up sleeping in his bed between 2am-6am last night, every time I tried to leave, he would pull me back. I've tried taking him up earlier but what with all the restlessness, he isn't going to sleep any earlier.

I know he is massively overtired but taking him up earlier doesn't seem to be making him sleep any earlier and i can't control when he wakes up.

I really don't know what to do. His behaviour is appalling, especially to his younger sister. His jealousy of her and clinginess to me has also ramped up a level since he started school. What on earth do I do?!!

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I wish I had some good advice for you. Its so common for kids' behaviour to change because of school. My boy was a lot more agreeable during the summer. And now that he is back to school I see a complete difference. Is he a sensitive kid? He might just be having a harder time than most. Its a lot for their little brains to process which can effect sleep.

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I think maybe give it some time. I heard from absolutely everyone that starting school they come home completely exhausted and do to sleep so much easier. But in our experience, it's definitely been the opposite. School doesn't seem to tire mine out the way nursery did (possibly because it's actually a shorter day and they have less time outside? I don't know). We also started school last month and she's had SO much energy in the afternoons and has really struggled to settle to sleep. She is sleeping a bit longer some mornings (which is normal for her when bedtime is delayed), but previous to this she was waking about 5:45-6:30 at the latest. I think maybe just give it time. I did notice the past few days it seems to have settled a bit. But it's a huge transition for them (and you) and I expect it will take maybe another month until things completely settle.

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My dd has been going down well but then waking in the night. Last night she woke me up at 2 in the morning singing Akuna Matah! From the lion king then laughing to herself in her room. I think their brains are just trying to process everything and on overdrive. It's like is starting a new job I suppose. It will even out soon (I hope) x

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You're not alone. My son enjoys school but guaranteed every night he will always complain and try to delay bedtime. His latest tactic is saying I'm poorly he doesn't sleep very well either so it can be frustrating especially as I know getting him up in the morning will be awful and yes, his behaviour at times is appalling because of the lack of sleep

I would ride it out because we do go through periods like last night where he's asleep before 8pm and sleeps right through to 7am.

My son often likes a cheeky nap at school or on the bus home too!

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