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Mud kitchen

Does anyone have one? I'm thinking of getting one as a joint Christmas present but I do wonder if it's asking for trouble!!(mess wise)
Does anyone have one? If so do your children wear their usual clothes or aprons etc? Mine usually need a full outfit change if they've been out and it's not completely dry. Did you just get mud from your garden or buy it from The garden centre?
They always just seem to take it too far, e.g. If I take them to splash in puddles I have to be prepared for a full outfit change as they have to get as wet as possible. I can't decide if that's because they haven't been exposed to it enough or just their personalities

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I don't have one for my kids although I do like the idea. What about picking up cheap puddle suits for when they are out playing? That way they could get as messy as they want without the worry or hassle of needing completely changed! That's what I would do. I'd also get or use old wellies too.

I do tend to find with puddles for example that a lot of the time the fun of getting absolutely soaking is part of the fun and temptation for them!

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We have one in our garden and the kids and their friends love it. To be fair they rarely use mud it’s more often sand from the sand put right next to it, the stones as it stands on gravel or I always have plastic food out and they use that with grass to ‘cook’. They also lovely having fairy liquid and water to wash the dishes after so it’s never too messy. I wouldn’t let them play in it just before we were going out somewhere but they’ve never ruined any clothes playing in it either

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We have one but I supervise them or they come in with it in there hair face and all over the side of the house and garden lol

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