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luci and bump
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Originally Posted by Bevziibubble View Post
if I ask Holly how her day was or what she did I usually get very little response! I have found a better way is to ask her what her favourite part of school today was and what her worst bit was. She seems to be more open to answering these type of questions and it gives me a bit more insight in the things she is enjoying and anything negative that's happened.
I agree, when I ask evie what she's done in school, I get "I don't know" but if I ask her what her favourite things were, she chats for ages! I ask her what she had for lunch, how much of it she ate, and who she sat with. I usually ask who she played with too

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Every day when Rio comes out I ask him if he’s had a good day. He always says yes and that’s it. I then ask what he had for lunch. Sometimes he will tell me sometimes he says he doesn’t know. I leave it there.

When we get home I might ask if he played with the sand for example today, if he says no I ask what he played with instead. Then I’ll ask if he did any writing etc. If he responds with ‘I don’t know’ which he usually does I don’t pester him. He’s very secretive about what happens in school it makes me sad!

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'Did you get in trouble?' and 'Did you steer clear of Cyrus?' The ADHD tends to get him into trouble and the kid in question is just a pain in my ass and a tattle tale - didn't like him at Kindy and 5 years on, I still don't like the little shit.

But seriously, engage with him about what he's learning etc. Make sure he's happy in his class and with his little classmates. As long as you have those things down pat school should be easy and enjoyable for him. And just remember, the teacher is ALWAYS there if you have any concerns.

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Thanks everyone. There are some really good suggestions here. The last few days I’ve been trying the best and worst part of your day questions with my son and he’s quite keen on answering the worst question. Not sure if this is a good thing or not as I don’t want him to focus on the negative, but it is nice to have him talking. I’ve also found asking questions like, “Who did you have your lunch with?” or “Who did you play with today?”, seem to get him talking better than saying something like, “How was school today?”. On the whole he seems to be enjoying school, so that’s good.

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^ yah id always been just asking the best things for the same reason, to focus on the good things. but it makes sense to ask the worst thing so it opens the door of communicating the shitty things that will happen at school, so we can talk about them and move on and she doesn't keep it to herself

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If I ask my DD right after pick up I don't get much answer, I do ask about lunch and what letter did she learn. We talk about our day at bedtime, how did today go, what did you do, she asks me what so did etc and what we are doing tommorrow.

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I struggle to get my DD to tell me anything about her school day. The usual response is she doesn't know or she's forgotten! 😂

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