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When did your daughter start her period?

Sorry if this is TMI or a bit too personal, i was wondering if any other mums out there have daughters who started their period early? My daughter just turned 10 in June, i really wasn't expecting her to get her's for at least another year or two. (i got mine at 13)
She was quite embarrassed and upset about it, i reassured her that it is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about, and talked to her about it etc.

Is there anything special you did for your daughter's etc? I think i have done what i am supposed to do like reassure her but i was not expecting it just yet, so am a bit shocked myself and a bit sad she is growing up so quick

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I don't have a daughter, but I did get my period when I was ten, so I can relate to your daughter. I too was embarrassed and a whole bunch of different emotions when I got it, even though I knew about menstruation from a very young age. It sounds like you handled it just fine. After awhile I calmed down about it, and so will your daughter. It just became part of life as it does for all females. Just keep doing what you have already done: reassuring her how natural it is and all that. Give her time to process it.

Another suggestion is to get Judy Blume's, Are You There God? It's me, Margaret.
It was THE classic book that all the girls I grew up with read when we were pubescent. It's a funny and warm and realistic novel about four young best friends; and one of the things they deal with is getting their periods for the first time. It might help your daughter to not feel so alone.

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My niece just got hers at 9 years old. My sister told her teacher (who is female) so that the teacher is maybe a bit more forgiving of extra bathroom breaks or can help if there are any leaks or problems. My sister also packs an extra pair of underwear and pants in her school backpack again in case of leaks. She also has a little bag of pads in her backpack at all times because her period is very irregular so she doesn't know when she is going to get it. My niece has only had it twice, and already the second time was a lot easier for her to handle than the first.

I also saw some period proof underwear online called Knixteen which look pretty awesome, especially for young girls just starting their periods.

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I'm expecting my daughter to start soon. She is ten. For the last few months, for a week every month she's moody, tearful, irrational and complains her lower tummy is hurting. She's also getting stains in her underwear.

We've talked about it and I've bought her some pads. I told her not to be embarrass and to tell me if her period does start so I can help her.

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