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To the Mom Who Dropped Her Sick Kid Off at School (An Open Letter)

Parents shouldn't have to send their healthy kids to a classroom full of sick kids whose parents were too selfish to keep them home.

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Sorry it ruins your day but ...

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Yes, well said. It's not fair to put other kids at risk by bringing your sick kid into school. Holly had a bug last week and I kept her off school until she was fully recovered and the 48 hours had passed.

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I've read this before and think what a lovely bubble the writer is living in if all she has to worry about is whether she misses a presentation at work. Some people are facing losing their job! So many people in society aren't protected by the kind of employment rights this writer takes for granted. I worked in a school and yes having serious bugs like norovirus go round is awful (and yes a public health risk to babies and older people in the extended families of all who attend) but the idea that all the people doing this are "yummy mummies" who just don't want to look bad at work, or SAHM's who just can't be bothered, ignores a lot of the real problems parents face. Discriminated against for not going out to work, discriminated against for not nurturing their child enough because they are at work, discriminated against for taking time off to look after children but then criticised by articles like this for not doing so - can't win. Maybe we should look at wider issues that may be facing people before we jump to criticise them? and maybe we should do something about them - like maybe vote for people who want to ensure no-one feels they have to choose between staying employed or looking after their sick child. I say this having been someone who has felt the internal critic "tutting" at other people chasing to send sick kids in, and it really isn't fair on the kids, but if you think this issue stems from some purely ambition driven selfishness, well how nice for you to live in a world where that's all you've got to worry about.

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