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My daughter has tried lots of food she said she didn't like because of her friends eating it at school, so exposure to school meals can be useful in widening a child's diet. However when they are away all day without you knowing if they are eating or not it's really stressful, so maybe you would feel better trying to expand her diet slowly with packed lunches and move to school meals when you feel more secure (or if she shows interest). Does she eat pizza, raw veg sticks, crackers and cheese, tuna and sweetcorn, anything like that? I think her suggestions for packed lunch are fine in moderation but Jelly AND cereal AND cake or biscuit is a lot of sugar for one meal. Maybe pair a small amount of what she will eat with a small amount of something she might or might not eat. I think you can get cold food recipe books or online ideas and maybe if she picks some from the pictures and helps you make it she'll be more likely to try it?

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Thanks, I'm aware it's all quite sweet, and I'm racking my brains trying to think of things! She wouldn't eat any of the things you mentioned, although she did used to have crackers with butter so might see if she will still eat those. I wouldn't give her too many sugary things all together, and you can get pots of sugar free jelly, so it could definitely be worse but not ideal! I just gave dd2&3 a packed lunch for their lunch. 4yr olds containes a dairylea dunker (not exactly nutritious but it's savoury and she is actually eating it) grapes, a yoghurt and a carton of orange juice. It seems to be a hit so hopefully get her to eat a few other bits and pieces so she isn't stuck with the same thing every day, and at least she will be able to take a satisfactory packed lunch.

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For a picky eater,try out the Japanese, lunch ideas. Stuff her lunch box with colorful fruits and make it look like her favorite cartoon character.



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